A week in Whitby – day three


Wow, was this weather really happening for us. I’d just opened the blinds, to be confronted by totally BLUE skies.

The day started very much on the same lines as yesterday, feed the dogs, put the bedding away, though this time T joined me with cereals for breakfast, before we took S & J  for their morning constitutional.

We thought we’d go and check out the local Saltwick Bay, which was two minutes walk from where we were parked, down the winding, well trodden path.

Halfway down we were confronted with steps again, not proper steps, but about twenty, dug into the cliff face and held into shape by planks of wood. Oh decisions, decisions, do we continue down, so the dogs can have a walk on the beach, or do we go back up again.

We decided to continue down, in places Jasper could walk on the grass at the side, and he was moving well, especially after yesterdays step disaster.

Slowly we edged our way to the bottom of the cliff……….. yeah, nearly there……..hmmm, perhaps not!! the final few yards meant either walking over five massive boulders, or a three foot drop. The boulders were definitely out, so we edged over to the drop. T jumped down, I held onto J to stop him trying the same.

We’re going to have to ‘float’ him down. ‘Float’ is my word for getting him out of the back of the discovery, whereby I hold him by his harness and under his belly, and telling him to ‘float’ as I lift him out, he then floats to the ground with the help of gravity.

Now he’s never floated from anything higher than the back of the motor, so this was a challenge. There’s T, waiting, arms outstretched holding onto J’s harness and rear end, as I position him on the edge…….ready, steady, f..l..o..a..t. and 34kg of dog is now standing on the sand, Yeah!!!, were down.

All the time this is going on, Sal had found a playmate on the beach, and was having a whale of a time.

We spent about an hour down there, wandering along the waters edge, sitting on the rocks, and basically enjoying the whole experience.

We’d been putting off getting back up, but it had to be done, so we went back to the drop, I stood on the edge, while T lifted Jasp up enough for me to grab his harness and hoist him up, then it was a slow climb back to the top. Jasp is so tolerant of all this manhandling, and just takes it in his stride.

It was then back to the motorhome for a well earned rest and a cuppa.

We decided we’d go to Robin Hoods Bay in the afternoon.

Now I’d have liked nothing more than to walk it, but five miles along the Cleveland way cliff top walk, was way over anything I’d expect J to do, so we unhooked the motorhome, tidied a few things away, and drove there.

Anyone who has ever visited this bay, will know that vehicles are nor permitted down the road to the bottom, so parking at the top, we set off down another steep descent.

View from the top, across the bay.

Walking down the narrow winding streets, re-ignited many childhood memories, of walking down with my parents. I remember being fascinated by all the mice that had been carved on the wooden gates and doors that lined the street, the signature of a local wood carver Robert Thompson, known as the Mouseman of Kilburn. Sadly there weren’t any mice to be seen anymore, but I expect he died many years ago, taking his craft with him.

At the bottom, T, S & J, heading for the seats outside The Bay Hotel, where we spent almost two hours watching the world go by.

This photo was taken from almost the same place as the one above, but just turning to my right for the view over the bay.

Oh, such happy memories of childhood innocence, when my dad and I would go rock pooling over those rocks.

Suitably rested, we were ready for the long climb back to the top, which Jasper coped with admirably.

A plaque at the top, which had gone un-noticed on our way down, tells of an amazing rescue performed by Whitby lifeboat.

Returning to the motorhome, it was a short trip back to the site.

We ordered a curry take away for free delivery, and later sat finishing off another bottle of red, watching the sun go down.

The bed for tonight?, yes T wanted to make up the double again, so I left him to it and went down to the immaculate shower block, returning to find my bed waiting for me to flop into.

This seemed a far more ciivilised idea to me 🙂