1st August – Yorkshire Day


HAPPY YORKSHIRE DAY to all Yorkshire folk wherever you may be living ūüôā
Very patriotic us Tykes!

I don’t think there is another county in the UK that has a special day.

Yorkshire Day was initially celebrated in 1975 by the Yorkshire Ridings Society, as a protest to the local government re-organsations of 1974.

I had been living in Worcestershire  since 1969, but I remember how incensed I felt when suddenly Beverley (my birthplace) Hornsea (where both maternal and paternal grandparents lived) and Bridlington (where my uncle lived) had suddenly been moved from the East Riding of Yorkshire to North Humberside.

How dare someone, sat in a government office¬†mess with ‘Gods Own County!’ ……….so I set about my own little protest (not alone I doubt) and made a point of addressing any correspondence to my family, in bold, underlined, capital letters¬†EAST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE.

The county of Humberside was abolished in 1996, though sadly the title is still in use with the police, fire brigade and a radio station to name but a few.

The symbol of the white rose has a long history, dating back to the civil wars of the 15th century when it was the symbol of the Yorkist forces.

1st August is also the Battle of Minden, when in 1759 soldiers of the 51st Regiment of Foot, a Yorkshire regiment, were said to have picked white roses to wear in memory of their fallen comrades.

I’ll leave you with the Yorkshire motto.


and anthem.

The best laid plans of mice & men…..

‘What shall we do today fossil’, said hubby, Dunno, you choose, I replied, ignoring the ‘fossil’ bit of the question, as I know I’m not THAT old.

Suggestion 1. We go for a leisurely bike ride

Suggestion 2. We use the bus passes.

Suggestion 1 sounded great, until T told me the route he had planned. I mentally clocked this up in my head………….. ‘Leisurely???? you’ve gotta be joking, that’s at least 20 miles’!!!!!!!! ¬†Now 20 miles to T is nothing, he’ll regularily ride 40+ miles on his racer, but me, my bike last saw daylight the back end of last year, and that was around Oversley Woods¬†I’m none too happy about cycling on the roads.

So suggestion 2 came into force and it was bus pass time again, we were hoping to be First to Kidderminster, not much chance of being First, we didn’t bl**dy get there at all!

The plan was to catch the 14.14 hrs at the bottom of our road into the town centre bus station, we should arrive at 14.25 hrs, plenty of time to get the ¬†14.35 hrs X3 to Kidderminster. I popped my camera into my bag (another blog post I thought) and we wandered down to the bus stop for 14.05hrs, ¬†and we waited and waited and waited………………..

The bus eventually arrived at 14.29 hrs. we jumped on, flashing our bus passes at the disgruntled driver, hoping he’d get us to the station in time. Typically, there was somebody waiting to get on at every stop en route, but we eventually arrived into the bus station, and there, still at its bus stand was the X3

‘It’s still there’, I shouted, to the amazement of other passengers, I felt like a caged animal, waiting for the driver to open our doors, slowly they opened, and a couple of demented pensioners started running up through the bus station……….

……………25 yards to go………….. and we see the X3 doors slowly closing and it moves off from the stand.


As it was another hour for the next X3, we wandered dejectedly  into the town centre, aimlessly wandering around, we bought a spaghetti spoon, then wandered back down to the bus station for the bus home.

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Why was the bus late? There is a bus stop on the road into the local Tesco, all the queuing motorist have been blocking this road,¬†panic buying for the¬†promised¬†fuel strike,¬†making it impossible for the bus to get through. Tesco fuel pumps have been closed 3 times this week with empty pumps, and there hasn’t even been a date set yet for a strike, which might not even happen.