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Where has the year gone?

You’d think with all the to-ing and fro-ing between Home and Harrogate we’d done over the previous months, that when my mum’s house sale was finalised, and the dreaded drive up the M42/M1/M18/A1 motorways were behind us, we’d choose a different direction for a holiday.


T had decided I needed a holiday, the last year had been a stressful time to say the least, so after arriving home on 19th June, he booked us onto a campsite for a week from 24th June.

We’d had a glorious week at this site in May 2012 that had left us with some wonderful memories –

Yes, anyone who has read my blog will realise this was Whitby Holiday Park, and yes, it meant another dreaded M42/M1/M18/A1 again – but I’d got to the stage I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do anymore, I didn’t want to go on holiday and I didn’t want to stay at home.

I know T had meant well when he booked the holiday, he knew how much I’d enjoyed it before and he also knew how I’d felt my Yorkshire roots had been severed when I finally pulled the door to on my mums house, which is why he’d decided on Whitby.

The 24th arrived, but I still couldn’t summon up any enthusiasm for the holiday, I felt as if I was trapped in a bubble, so apart from putting my clothes in the motorhome, T did everything else. IMG_0401_1 Four hours later we pulled into the holiday park.

Everything looked exactly as it was the day we left in 2012, even the sun was shinning as it was then, my mind immediately drifted back to Jasper, had his spirit joined us I wondered.

This holiday followed almost the same pattern as our previous visit, though we didn’t venture offsite with the van this time.

The walk down onto Saltwick Bay was easier, as both Sal and Cindy took the steep slope down in their stride. IMG_0409_1 Looking down to Saltwick Nab from the Cleveland Way footpath. IMG_4990_1 We walked into Whitby a couple of times, along the Cleveland Way. IMG_4994_1 Parked just outside Whitby Abbey, this was just screaming out to have it’s photograph taken, an old series ll/llA Land Rover ice cream van 🙂 IMG_4997_1 A monument to Captain James Cook, b.1728, the famous Yorkshire Explorer looks out over Whitby harbour.

On the Saturday we decided to visit the picturesque fishing village of Staithes.

So another walk into Whitby along the clifftop, then down through the town to the bus station.

Im sure every dog and his person had decided to do the same thing, I counted seven dogs (with their people obviously) waiting in the queue with us.

It was certainly worth the trip, as I got my first ‘Big Hairy Dog’ fix while sat outside the Cod and Lobster pub, from an enormous German Shepherd Husky cross.

This dog could moult for England, and after a ten minute cuddle, he had donated most of his coat to me, the rest was floating around the harbour  like snow 😮 IMG_2075_1 Staithes Harbour. The Cod and Lobster is the cream building in the centre of the photo. IMG_5002_1 An artist at work in the harbour. IMG_0402_1 We were treated to the wonderful east coast sunsets again, and by the end of the holiday, I’d started to unwind a bit, typically, just in time to go back home.


A month later we were packing the motorhome again for another holiday revisit.

This time it was Charmouth in Dorset.

I had bitter sweet memories of this holiday, last year as it had been Jasper’s last holiday, so I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or not. Last year’s holiday site was fully booked sowe’d decided on another one just outside Charmouth. IMG_2150 A beautiful well maintained site, but a major drawback with its location.

We usually hook the motorhome up, then either walk or use public transport to get about. We knew we were a couple of miles from the beach via road, but had hoped there may have been a shortcut via a footpath, but no such luck, and the nearest bus stop was over a mile away.

The walk wouldn’t have bothered T and me, but the temperature was in the 30’s and Little Sal, who had recently been diagnosed with kidney disease, had slowed down considerably.

So the next day, we unhooked the motorhome and set off for Charmouth

Could things get any worse, our holiday last year had been in June, and we’d spent some quality time on the beach with the dogs, but here we were, confronted with big signs everywhere NO DOGS allowed on the beaches July and August.

We went for a short walk along the cliff path, but both dogs were struggling, so we went back down and sat on the grass at the edge of the River Char.

IMG_5051_1 Looking down at the dog UNfriendly beach.

Luckily Michelle our elder daughter and Louis her son, had arranged to join us later in the week, so the next day we decided to just chill on the site.

Michelle arrived on the Friday morning.

After enquiring at the reception for the location of a dog friendly beach, we all piled into her car and set off for Eype. No wonder this was dog friendly, there was hardly any in sand in sight, it was full of big pebbles. Great for an athletic young dog, but not for a tiny Yorkie, who kept falling between the pebbles. Poor Sal was struggling to keep her footing too, so we called it a day and went to the pub.

Louis wanted to go onto the beach, so the next day, T stayed onsite with Sal and Cindy, and Michelle, Louis and I went down to Charmouth. IMG_5053_1 Louis befriended a young boy with a dingy, so at least someone enjoyed their holiday.

The next day we left the site early to go home. We decided August would be a no for holidays, so the next revisit was West Runton.


Laburnum Holiday Park really has made a mark on our holiday destinations. This was out third visit and it certainly won’t be our last.

This site is a perfect location. Five minutes walk into the village of West Runton, where there is a regular bus service into Sherringham, Cromer or further afield if you wish. IMG_5091_1 Pitched on the clifftop overlooking the North Sea. Just across the tarmac and standing at the fence…… IMG_5115_1 …..this was the view. IMG_5146_1 A ten minute amble and we were on the glorious Norfolk beaches, where, if the tide is out, it is possible to walk into Sherringham or Cromer.

We did the walk into Sherringham three times, catching the bus back to the village to save Little Sal tiring too much. IMG_5151_1   An amazing Trompe l’oeil on the seafront at Sherringham, depicting the crab fisherman for which the area is famous. IMG_5152_1 This was a puzzling sight on Sherringham beach. Had the sea lined up all the pebbles in a straight line, or perhaps it was the sea fairies.

The sun shone the whole week, we ate some good food, drank some good wine, and came home feeling rejuvenated.

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Here are a few more photos, from what is fast becoming my favourite holiday location.

Little did I know, it was going to be Little Sal’s last beach holiday 😦


10 thoughts on “Where has the year gone?

    • Thank you Gerry.
      We have a fabulous year for weather on our holidays, I don’t remember it raining once either.
      Just mostly blue skies and warm.

  1. Holidays can be a mixed bag. If something is successful it’s [mostly] worth revisiting to avoid the proverbial ‘reinvention of the wheel”. My eyes are feasting on the sky and sea but my favourite pic is “Sal asleep in Cindy’s bed”… one of the sweetest ever. If I emanage to travel to the UK, Charmouth is on my bucket list. I hadn’t realised Captain Cook was a Yorkshireman. It’s appropriate his gaze is out to sea.
    I’m pleased you enjoyed and were rejuvenated by the September break 🙂

    • All three destinations made a mark on us initially, which is why we decided to re-visit.
      Charmouth was the only one that disappointed us this time, we’d certainly visit again, but get our timing better regarding the dogs and beaches.
      I think I told you, I downloaded Remarkable Creatures (which you told me about) and read it while we were there.
      I love the pic of Sal too, it sums her up completely. Cindy was in Sal’s bed, so without any ado she jumped into Cindy’s.
      Did you manage to read any on the Wiki link about Captain James Cook? it states he worked in Staithes as a grocers apprentice, and his lure for the sea was sparked by looking out of the shop window. The shop is right on the harbour front.

  2. A really mixed bag of memories for you I know but the photos are wonderful – I agree about Sal in Cindy’s bed. Very touching. They are such fine looking dogs. Britain looks to be at its best under these conditions. Lucky you.

    • Yes, what with one thing and another, this year has been a tad emotional. All memories though, to look back on though.
      I don’t think you can beat Britain when the sun shines and it certainly did that this year 🙂

  3. Another vote for LS asleep from me 🙂 lovely green harness too 😉

    I do like the trompe l’oeil though, and the sea lining up the pebbles.

    But back to Whitby though. Never mind the Cod and Lobster, isn’t that one of those crab sandwich places? What about the GSD husky? Where’s his pic? And did he look like Pippa?

    I think we had the ice cream van discussion didn’t we? A II – by the hinges and lights.

    Isn’t Cook at the top of the Khyber Pass, near the whale bones, not far from The Royal? It’s probably flats or a nursing home now 😦 there should be a plaque there. ‘This is where little roughseas ate her first meal out using her spoon and pusher that mummy had taken along.’

    • I thought the pic of Sal in Cindy’s bed would score a few points 🙂
      The Cod and Lobster was an olde worlde pub on the harbour front, they did food, so possibly did crab salads/sandwiches, but it was the real ale that drew us in 😉
      I was too busy cuddling the GSD Husky to take photos, but yes, very Pippa like.
      I couldn’t remember what A had said the landy was, I was hoping you’d remind me 🙂
      Yes, Captain Cook is next to the whale bones.
      Whitby whale bones

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