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Goodnight Miss Goody Four Paws

Little Sal, what a total sweetheart she was. Gentle, affectionate and extremely well behaved.


She was a good car passenger, never pulled on the lead, didn’t run away when off the lead, didn’t chase livestock, she loved being brushed, never objected to her teeth being cleaned. I could go on and on singing her praises, but I think you get the picture.

I adopted her in September 2007 from the Border Collie Trust (GB) at Rugely. She’d only been there a couple of weeks, so I guess if I hadn’t adopted her, someone else would have snapped her up pretty quick.
But the story of her life prior to that really shook me, things could have been oh so different if it hadn’t been for a dear old lady with a heart of gold.
Anne Fowler (R.I.P.) lived in a small cottage near Barmouth in Wales.
She would visit local dog pounds, where dogs that had been found or handed in waited their allotted time on death row. Anne would take whatever dogs she could away from their death sentence and give them a safe haven until a space could be found in a rescue centre with a no kill policy. Anne worked closely with the Border Collie Trust.
Little Sal was one of these dogs, aged at approx six years, she was on day six of her seven day sentence when Anne took her in.
When I adopted Sal from the Border Collie Trust, I was given the letter that accompanied her from Anne Fowler.
This is what she had to say:

Sal letter
I respected Anne’s wishes and wrote to her a couple of months later explaining I was the person lucky enough to have adopted Sally and enclosed a few photos of her with HugehappyhairyHarry my other dog.
I received this lovely reply, from an obviously very caring person.

sal reply

A few months later, on a trip to Wales, we made a point of finding Anne.
We found her little cottage hideaway and I knocked on the door. A sweet old lady, wearing wellies and clothes covered in dog hairs answered. I explained who I was and that Little Sal was outside in my motor if she’d like to see her again.
Eagerly she came outside, saw Sal and smothered her in kisses. She’d remembered her, and went on to tell me all about how attached she’d become to the gentle sweet little dog she’d rescued within one day of death.
I wrote to Anne again several months later, explaining how Sally had been distraught at the death of Harry, but she now had a new friend called Jasper and I enclosed some photos of her with him.
I never received a reply, and it was only months later when chatting with the staff at the Border Collie Trust that I was told Anne had sadly passed away.
Such a sad loss for the dog rescue world.

Little Sal was diagnosed with kidney failure earlier this year, and after suffering a massive seizure late Friday evening, we took the heartbreaking decision to have her put to sleep.

Seven years after Anne saved her from that fate, I think this time she was ready to go.
I hope she enjoyed those extra seven years with us and her two hairy friends Harry and Jasper.


R.I.P. Little Sal.

13 thoughts on “Goodnight Miss Goody Four Paws

  1. You have been a wonderful friend and companion to Little Sal. Anne must have been overjoyed that she was so well looked after. So sorry her time came now but she had 7 magical years. Bless you.

  2. I know she enjoyed her life with you and Tony! You will both miss her like crazy and so in her way will Cindy. All your dogs have had fantastic lives, all I can say is onward and upward! (if you get my meaning).

  3. Oh, such a lovely post and such sad news. Little Sal will be missed, leaving paw prints in your hearts, she’s joined her buddies after sharing good lives with you and T. The story of Sal’s rescue and Anne was touching 🙂

    • Thank you ED. Although I’d read up about what to expect with kidney disease in dogs, the seizure still came as a shock. My heart has far too many paw prints on it at the moment, but the thought of Sal at Rainbow Bridge with the big fellas is comforting, I don’t think she ever got over loosing Jasp 🙂


  4. aw Vicky, i am so sorry to read this news.
    my laptop is in the repair shop, but i have the use of a borrowed one so i thought i would come here and see if there was any news in your corner of the planet. i was not expecting to read this news. so sorry for your loss.
    always enjoyed reading about Little Sal. she had a wonderful life in your home, as was obvious by the stories and images of her and your other pups. i never ‘met’ Harry until after he had gone, but Jasp was such a familiar face when i first landed on your blog.
    always tough to see beloved pets go, and yet at the same time it is a relief that they are no longer suffering. and the memories and the images are quite a comfort. do take care. sending you hugs – and Timmy sends purrs.

    • Aww, thank Kris for the hugs and Timmy purrs 🙂
      It’s the first post I’ve written for quite a while, and I’ve been very lapse with the blogs I follow too.
      Yes, the end of an era now, with Harry, Jasp and Little Sal all gone 😦 but my memories will always be there.
      Hope you get your laptop fixed OK with not too much expense.

  5. Bye bye Sal. Your big bros will be looking after you. And like them, you’ve left a hole in our hearts 😪

    Pippa sends some big furry hugs all round and an awful lot of moulting dog hair 😀

    K xx

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