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1st August – Yorkshire Day


HAPPY YORKSHIRE DAY to all Yorkshire folk wherever you may be living 🙂
Very patriotic us Tykes!

I don’t think there is another county in the UK that has a special day.

Yorkshire Day was initially celebrated in 1975 by the Yorkshire Ridings Society, as a protest to the local government re-organsations of 1974.

I had been living in Worcestershire  since 1969, but I remember how incensed I felt when suddenly Beverley (my birthplace) Hornsea (where both maternal and paternal grandparents lived) and Bridlington (where my uncle lived) had suddenly been moved from the East Riding of Yorkshire to North Humberside.

How dare someone, sat in a government office mess with ‘Gods Own County!’ ……….so I set about my own little protest (not alone I doubt) and made a point of addressing any correspondence to my family, in bold, underlined, capital letters EAST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE.

The county of Humberside was abolished in 1996, though sadly the title is still in use with the police, fire brigade and a radio station to name but a few.

The symbol of the white rose has a long history, dating back to the civil wars of the 15th century when it was the symbol of the Yorkist forces.

1st August is also the Battle of Minden, when in 1759 soldiers of the 51st Regiment of Foot, a Yorkshire regiment, were said to have picked white roses to wear in memory of their fallen comrades.

I’ll leave you with the Yorkshire motto.


and anthem.

26 thoughts on “1st August – Yorkshire Day

  1. Reblogged this on roughseasinthemed and commented:
    An excellent post from Vicky summing up the sense of Yorkshire pride in our home county.
    I too rebelled against the 1974 Local Govt Act that took away our precious Ridings and always addressed mail to my parents in the West Riding. Not West Yorkshire. It was a very big issue. It still is.
    So this reblog, thanks to Vicky, is not just for her, but also for Dawn in Queensland, Aus; Sandra in Spain up the road from me, and Kev who is actually in ‘Ull. The only one of us in Yorkshire. Like Vicky they are all from the East Riding, whereas I’m from t’ mill towns in t’ West Riding.
    And to everyone who supported the Yorkshire start to the Tour de France, you did our county proud.

  2. Happy Yorkshire day to you too 🙂

    As for Humberside, we live in North Lincolnshire and get quite annoyed when we have to select Humberside from a drop down menu instead of North Lincolnshire when trying to access services online as all the government databases don’t recognise us and are still using 20 year out of date databases. I guess part of the problem is that most of us don’t want to be associated with Hull 😉

    • Thank you 🙂
      The long standing campaign to get Humberside abolished from postal addresses was stepped up last November after the head of the newly privatised Post Office declined to discus the matter with Beverley MP Graham Stewart.
      There’s nowt wrong with ‘ull 😉 my parents hometown!

      • My eldest daughter lives in Hull and we go there regularly but I really don’t like the place. I guess I’m just a country boy at heart and like being surrounded by flora and fauna NOT grey concrete monstrosities, traffic jams, kebab shops, litter and yobs. 🙂

    • Exactly!
      Yorkshire has always been divided into three, North, East and West Riding.
      The word Riding comes from an old Norse word Thridings, meaning three.

      What right have pen pushers to change something that has stood for hundreds of years.

  3. Happy Yorkshire Day! I hate that path over Ilkley moor – it gets extremely slippery in winter (I twisted my ankle on it once as it was covered in black ice – and the people who put it down dug up an ancient Neolithic standing stone)…sorry, just me being ‘bolshi’..

    • Happy Yorkshire Day to you too James 🙂
      Have there been plenty of celebrations in your neck of the woods?
      How long has the path been there? I don’t remember ever seeing any paths during my many visits.
      Sacrilege to dig up a standing stone though 😦

      • They have been down a couple of years – originally put down to protect the moors – a good idea, but they are extremely slippery in wet weather or ice. Whoever put them down obviously haven’t walked these moors in bad weather – there is no tread on them and black ice is very hard to see. I rarely use them…

  4. Happy Yorkshire Day. Lovely post 🙂 Not my own words but they say well what I want to convey… “Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

  5. Yorkshire isn’t so unique, Lincolnshire also had Ridings until 1974. 1st October is Lincolnshire day. I live in Grimsby which still has an annoying postal address of South Humberside which hasn’t existed now for several years!

    • I never knew Lincolnshire was split into Ridings, I just had to Google it…. the Kingdoms of Lindsey, Kesteven and Holland…… it’s surprising what can be learnt from a blog post.

      Actually, Worcestershire where I live, is part of the old Kingdom of Mercia, oddly the police force is called West Mercia.

      I can’t understand why the postal address of Humberside is still in use, it doesn’t make any sense after the ‘County’ was abolished almost twenty years ago.

      Is there as much passion with Lincolnshire folk on the 1st October as there is with us Tykes on 1st August?


        • Eighteen years in Yorkshire, forty-five in Worcestershire. If asked where I’m from I’ll always say ‘Yorkshire, but I live in Worcestershire’
          In reverse folk living in Yorkshire from elsewhere nearly always seem to say they’re from Yorkshire.

  6. I don’t even know what happened here in poor old Hartlepool 😦 We were in County Durham, then shunted to Cleveland. They abandoned us so I think we’re in no man’s land!
    But are we disheartened?
    Nice to see you back, Vicky. Hope life’s settled down a bit now. 🙂

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