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Spring Bank Holiday

Monday the 26th May is a date etched rather deeply in my memory.

Today the 26th May falls on a UK bank holiday, six years ago it also fell on a bank holiday Monday, the next time this happens will be 2025…….. I wonder if my memory of that date will still be as vivid.

I won’t go into detail again, as I have written about it before here

But I will post this short video again.

Miss you Big Lad 😦

12 thoughts on “Spring Bank Holiday

      • I’m actually good on dates – as you might expect from a history grad – so I suspect I subconsciously forget them. Can’t remember any people death dates either, just months again.

        H and the sweet corn saga seem so long ago. And yet you still have LS, who provides that link to both yours and her big boys.

  1. The time since they left passes so quickly… and so slowly. Sometimes they feel far away, and others close. They, our loved ones, with fur have such a particular, peculiar hold on our hearts. For me it seems I have been able to love them like no other. It seems you feel similarly.

  2. aw, Vicky. it is so sad to say good-bye to our “little ones”, isn’t it? i always call them puppies, because when they are happy and content, then how big they are or how old they are doesn’t matter one bit. Harry must have been such a wonderful companion.
    Timmy is large for a cat, and yet i keep calling him a little bear, too. anyhow, thanks for sharing. here’s sending you hugs – and Timmy sends purrs.

  3. Thank you Kris.
    He was a wonderful companion, we’d go off walking all day. I don’t seem to have the inclination to do it any more 😦

  4. What a beautiful post and such a beautiful doggie. Of course you’re always going to miss him. I really enjoyed the presentation. 🙂

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