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A day of normality?

Since my mum died in January, we have been doing a 320 mile round trip between Yorkshire and Worcestershire every other week. There was so much work involved in clearing mum’s house in preparation for sale, I found spending more than a week there emotionally draining, so the long drive there was the lesser of the two evils.

Finally,  on the 10th April the house was put in the hands of an estate agent, and we returned home for a longer break.

We had left a few bits of essential furniture there for when we visit, but basically this can be removed as and when, which will be sooner than I expected, as the house was sold, subject to contract on 15th April.

Last Thursday (24th April), T decided we needed some normality back in our lives. Normality being, a bus (free pass) or train (senior discount) ride to somewhere nearby.

I think we’ve been spending too much time in Yorkshire, I’m a tight Tyke by birth, but it’s rubbing off on T now, so the bus won and we whooshed to Worcester on the Woosh Bus.

Once there we headed down towards the river for our normal stroll along the bank.


The River Severn was at a more normal height, unlike the last time we’d travelled to Worcester on 7th January, when our stroll was curtailed by floods. I wrote and posted a short video about it here.

Believe it or not, the floods got even worse, and in early February eventually took out the rivercam.

Check out 11th February on this website by Farsons Digital Water Cams showing the lock gates underwater and compare to my photos below from 24th April.


We continued along the footpath.


T does concern me sometimes.

On towards the new Diglis Bridge, we followed our footsteps of a previous walk I’ve written about………creatures of habit we are 😉

But wait, these metal men weren’t here before:


Just standing there, by Diglis Bridge, without any rhyme or reason as to why.

I took a few photos and we continued on our way.


Past the new and I’m guessing rather expensive apartments, now occupying land where the famous Royal Worcester Porcelain Works once stood.

After sharing…….yes, I did say sharing (tight Tyke syndrome)…..a bag of chips, we both decided a pint of real ale at King Charles House would help wash them down……no we didn’t share a pint 😉

I’d found the metal men sculptures totally fascinating, especially when photographed from a low angle, so once home I had to find out a bit more about them.

Chosen by the people of Worcester, they are representative of Worcester’s past.

A Royalist and a Parliamentarian from the Civil War, Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist, Ernest Payne and  Sir Charles Hastings, founder of the British Medical Association.

More images of them in the slide show below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


13 thoughts on “A day of normality?

  1. Not sure about the metal men. The Severn still looks pretty full though.

    That is one fast house sale. Mind you, we sold one of ours within a couple of days. Think it went on sale on Friday and our first viewer came around on the Sat or Sun and bought it. I charged extra for carpets 🙂 He wanted the curtains too, but we refused. They went to the next house and then to Spain and now to Gibflat. I am proud of my curtains, I made them extremely well. They would have cost far more than the carpets, and I would have had to make new. Oh no.

    Love the pic of T.

    Bloody hell you have gone big on the copyright!! Good one though, so you should.

    • When I first saw the metal men, I thought WTF, but the more I looked at them, the more they fascinated me. A bit lapse not to provide any info though, unless of course it got washed away in the flooding.

      The Severn changes quite quickly and is capable of a lot of devastation along its 220 mile course.
      We noticed a row of old cottages along the river bank, that had had their front doors raised after the July 2007 floods, had suffered again. Many of the residents were in the process of cleaning their properties.

      Yes, mum’s house was a very quick sale, one day to be exact, as the agents hadn’t even prepared the sale information, and had only put the advertising board up on 14th April.

      Yes, after your photo theft, I looked into batch copywriting my photos, it had been a pain doing each one singly, but Photoshop to the rescue again. Now with the click of the mouse I can copyright them all in one go.

  2. It’s good to see you back. We all have those times when aspects of real life and commitments not bloggable about even if you have time take precedence.
    Wonderful that you were able to re-visit a day out and place you enjoy. Sometimes that’s better than exploring somewhere new. I really like the setting of the metal men.
    I love those days, when you can walk (in your case literally) out of the house and leave everything behind. We had a busy break at Easter but managed one day to ourselves where we rode the motorbike.
    I hope with the UK coming into warmer weather you will be able to resume and enjoy further normal proceedings 🙂

    • Thank you ED 🙂
      I think you’re right, constant trips up and down the UK motorways are not my idea of interesting blog fodder.

      We will be off up there again soon, so yes, with the warmer weather and lighter nights, I might find something other than motorway tarmac to post about 🙂

  3. good to hear from you again, Vicky. how lovely that you were able to have a ‘normal’ day. i am sure you needed it. haha, that photo of T is brilliant! made me smile.
    thanks for sharing your adventures.

    • Thank you Kris 🙂
      I’m starting to see light at the end of the tunnel now.
      Warmer weather is on the way, which is always a boost for me.
      I must try and catch up on reading other folks blogs, which I have also been a bit lapse with.

      • take your time, no pressure!
        we have had some incredibly warm temperatures here the last couple of days. almost summer-like. raining today and more rain in the forecast tomorrow. but it is definitely beginning to warm up. i quite enjoy this time of year, with winter out the door.

  4. Beautiful pics, Vicky…I haven’t seen any of those place…better get my arse in gear, I’m missing out here! 😀

    • Thank you Kev 🙂
      Worcester is a very interesting city, on the surface probably not much different to numerous others, but look back a few hundreds years and it oozes history from every nook and cranny.
      Certainly worth a visit if you’re ever down this way.

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