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Dream on

With everything going on in my life recently I’m sure my subconscious must be taking a battering, which might explain some of the weird dreams I’ve been having recently.

I don’t seem able to remember most, except the fact that they have all been weird, but this latest one felt so real, I woke wondering if it had actually happened the previous day.

Any dream experts out there?

I’m a passenger in T’s car, we are in a queue waiting to exit an outdoor car park of a town near where we live in Worcestershire.

T suddenly says he wants a coffee, so he gets out of the driving seat and sets off on foot to see his friend who runs a cafe……… in Dorset (about 150 miles away), shouting back to me, if he’s not back before the queue moves, I’ll have to edge his car forward.

The queue starts to move, so I slide across the seat into the driving seat to keep with the flow of traffic, but I’m now sat in my Land Rover.

I suddenly realise I need a ticket for the exit, which I haven’t got, so I pull alongside pay machine, curbing my tyres in the process.

An old neighbour, who I haven’t seen for over twenty years is standing in the queue, we exchange pleasantries, as I lean out of the car window.

Although I am still sat in my motor, I note my position is between two women standing in the queue with dogs.

The queue is getting longer, so to save any arguments about me queue jumping, I get out of my car, and stand between the two women.

One woman has a big hairy dog and another a big smooth coated dog, I tickle hairy dog behind ears, stroke smooth dog.

The old neighbour morphs into my present neighbours who are there with their children, they’re waiting to get passport photos from the car park machine for their babies, I look at their babies and see they have big smiles with massive adult teeth.

The queue continues to get longer and longer because the machine is causing problems.

I eventually get my ticket, but machine gives me two.

An attendant suddenly appears, snatches both tickets off me, says there is a problem with them and I need to rejoin queue, which is now about 100 deep.

I have massive argument with him, demanding he gives me one of my tickets or my 50p (very cheap parking) back, he refuses, and points to back of queue.

The car park is now undercover and everyone is watching as our argument gets worse with pushing and shoving.

I then woke up, so no idea on the outcome.


7 thoughts on “Dream on

  1. I’m useless at dream interpretation although can certainly always manage whacky. Last night’s was on a train in India when some West Bengal bandits armed with sharp cutlass type things boarded the train. Needless to state they got hold of me with a knife to my neck as I wanted to ask one of the officials where the toilet was! Later I was on the train from Bombay/Mumbai to New Delhi and bemoaning the fact that I was in India without my India travel book. I ask you.

    Anyway, before I had even read your latest mails, I would say it was an out of control dream, not the sort I have, but still, you can’t control the queue, and extra barriers and obstacles keep getting put in your way, but you try and sort them out For example, the vehicle changes so that you are in Dougal rather than T’s car, which demonstrates being in control. T clearing of is pretty obvious I think 😀 But the overall message is that you are going backwards and forwards on the rollercoaster, trying to work things out but new goalposts appear all the time. Or something like that.

    Alternatively you have read too many of my posts about frontier queues!

    • LOL, do you spend a lot of dreamtime in India? A bit frightening that first dream though.

      I guess I do feel a bit out of control at the moment with all that’s happening. It’s weird though everything is two’s. T’s car my motor, old neighbours new neighbours, hairy dog smooth dog, outdoor car park indoor car park etc. ED is good on dream interpretation, I wonder what she’d make of it.


      • yeah, I thought of ED too. is the twos thing something about the past though? a bit tangential I know, but thinking about Jasp obviously, old and new neighbours, your mum as she was and is now, or not so much past, just changes? don’t know.

        I can actually cope better with West Bengal bandits than I can current day dreams, because like you, I wake up wondering whether I was dreaming or whether it happened.

        If my parents and my grandmother are in my dreams, I know I’m dreaming. Same with India. And dogs from the past, although that’s slightly more difficult. But dreaming about a conversation with neighbours over the road is harder to work out if it was a dream I knew it was because it was about a paint set – you know the tubes of oil colours etc, but still, present day people in dreams make it harder ot shake it off..

  2. I’m still around, just a bit distracted by real life – quite annoying.
    Roughseas’ interpretation is on the money.
    Dreams where you are in a vehicle signify how you perceive you are travelling through life. Here’s my interpretation:
    In the first part of the dream you were a passenger but circumstances changed and you became the driver, taking control, dealing yourself with they delay and challenges.
    The dogs were rough and smooth, reflecting times in life we experience the same. You responded to the rough by acknowledging it but the smooth was preferable to encounter.
    You are willing to go with the pace of events, but expect equal fairness and will fight for your rights.
    The old neighbors become new, signifying an old situation that has carried on, and developed unexpectedly (child with adult teeth) feeling like it was close to being resolved but encountering a setback (the attendant) despite you doing what was required (paying for the ticket) and has gone from being out in the open to somehow suppressed/hidden during the time the situation was static (outside car park / undercover) but still an issue you are trying to resolve, while feeling the judgment of others.
    What you felt/first thought when you woke from the dream is often a key, as much as the dream content.
    It was a very good dream, and your subconscious is doing a very good job of working behind the scenes on your behalf:)

    • Wow ED thanks for that, what you have described makes a lot of sense.
      Looking back over the last few months, my mum came out of the nursing home, quite well, and with help I thought she’d soon be coping. Then she broke her hip, which was a big set back for her.
      Numerous discharges for rehab and returns to hospital because of infections took their toll, and she gradually became weaker.
      I felt they should have kept her stable in one place.

      My initial thought when I woke from the dream was anger at the jobs worth attendants attitude.

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