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Bah Humbug!

Seasonal Affective Disorder

I can’t say I’ve ever been fond of the winter, but SAD has really kicked in big time this year.

How on earth folk living in countries further north than the UK cope with the even longer nights, some without any daylight at all I just cannot comprehend.

I’m a summer person, I love the long daylight hours and the warmth it brings. Perhaps I need to hibernate till then 😉

Or at least hibernate through the rest of December.

Yesterday 21st December was the shortest day, only three days now till the fat man dressed in red answers the demands of all the spoilt ‘I want, I want’ kids of the world.

Where has the fun of Christmas gone?

The season of goodwill? what a joke!

Nowadays it’s just parents going into debt trying to outdo each other for their little brats, and a mad panic of crowds grabbing enough food off the shelves that would last them for weeks (not just the one day the supermarket is closed).

My younger daughter popped down to the local supermarket today to get something for her dinner, she was refused admission well before the 4pm closing, because the shop was so full it would have been impossible to get everyone through the tills by 4pm…..WTF!

So here, for anyone else in Bah Humbug mode is a little bit of summer.

The accompanying song is Looking for the summer, by Chris Rea.


21 thoughts on “Bah Humbug!

  1. Oh dear! You’ve got it bad, Vicky 😦 No way you can relocate? Plan a holiday!
    I have to say I’m tired of hearing “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”.
    Er…merry Christmas! If I may be so bold? Hope 2014 is kind to you. 🙂
    Love Chris Rea.

    • Given the chance, I’d be off to warmer climes in a shot, but T doesn’t have the same hatred of winter that I do, in fact he’s just the opposite.
      I think it is the accumulation of a totally shit year that has dragged me down more this time.
      Yes, roll on 2014 thank you 🙂

  2. I have a hard time relating. Probably because I live in Honolulu. On the other hand we don’t have many snowball fights, the skiing is poor and it’s very hard to have a warm drink in front of a fireplace when there are no fireplaces.

    • Hi Maxwell, thanks for your input 🙂
      I guess we will always miss what isn’t the norm for us.
      Believe me, I’d swop the snow, skiing and fireplace tomorrow for the chance to live somewhere like Honolulu 🙂

  3. aw Vicky, this has been a very tough year for you. what an honest post.
    really enjoyed that video – although i had to see it on the youtube site, as for some reason it was blocked here on your blog. lovely images of Little Sal and good old Jasp. i am sure you are missing him terribly which only speaks of what a wonderful pup he was.
    in fact i think your slideshows are always so brilliant. i am not techy enough to get something like that together. do you have a website link which shows the technically illiterate how it is done?
    while i quite enjoy Christmas – it is much more about getting together with family friends than indebting myself and purchasing gift upon gift and fighting crowds in stores. i try to avoid stores as much as possible during December, although groceries are another matter entirely. your poor daughter.
    regarding the gifts, in my circle of friends, most of us agreed to stop by presents for one another a long time ago. and in the family, gifts are limited to the kids. we all have what we need to live, so instead of accumulating more stuff and things we just go out for dinner and enjoy some time together. and that for me, is always enjoyable. for me personally, time is one of the best gifts to receive.
    my mom (pronounced mum but spelled mom for some odd reason) is 88 and she is always thankful when the shortest day of daylight is behind us, because that means the days are already becoming longer and spring is not so far away.
    so do take care, Vicky. Timmy sends you purrs and i send you hugs and blessings for a 2014 which will be much kinder to you than this one has been.

    • Thank you Kris for your kind thoughts. Yes There have been better years, not just for me, but for other folk I know too, something to do with unlucky 13 perhaps, though I’ve never really been superstitious about a number before. Jaspy is missed badly, I could always rely on him for a nuzzle when I felt down. The slideshow was done in iMovie which was included on my Mac when I bought it. Very simple to use, but I’m sure there must be a Windows equivalent, I’ll see what I can find and let you know. I enjoy my girls visiting when we have a family get together, but to be honest, I’m happier having the get togethers in the summer when we can relax in the garden with salads and drinks. Like your mum, I’m counting the days to spring, the signs of life returning to everything is a real boost for me too.


      • for me 2012 was a very rough year, especially with all the unexpected house repairs that seemed to reveal more and more required repairs. i was very happy to greet 2013, and it turned out to be a great one, especially with the arrival of Timmy. and he has turned out to be such a loveable bear cat. couldn’t have wished for a sweeter one. although he does have his moments, too, and now that he is feeling at home here and not feeling he has to be a very good boy all the time so that we will keep him, he lets his cattitude appear from time to time which makes him even more endearing. still cannot believe that anybody would have ever willingly have given him up.
        which is a long way of saying that i hope that you are pleasantly surprised by how much better 2014 will turn out to be for you than 2013 has been.
        i actually went to your youtube site and watched the tribute to Jasper there. such a sweet pup he was indeed. looks like you have other things there, so will have to stop by again in the future.
        anyhow, it is time to make the one contribution i am providing for dinner this evening – cranberry sauce. must run. do take care!

        • Oh I remember you posting about all your house troubles, glad this year was better for you. Yes, I have quite a few videos on YouTube, I think some (Harry’s definitely) were done with Pinnacle, a Windows based video editing software, not free, but easy to use.


  4. I read p&ks comment and knew the combination of Chris Rea and pix of Jasp would be sad. That song always makes me tearful anyway, it always sounds like something’s gone never to be recaptured. And I suppose it’s true. A good choice, especially the title with you wanting warmer weather.

    Anyway, all that aside, it was an excellent video, beautiful compilation of summer shots. I also agree with you about the ridiculousness of Christmas. I mean, how do people eat so much food?? It would feed half of Africa if you look at some of the shopping trolleys. Half of it is junk anyway. No wonder people are so fat shovelling in so much greedily! Supermarket closing at 4pm??!! Even in Gib Morries stays open until late. No idea what time as we go in the morning. It’s either nine or ten though, maybe seven on Sunday. Spanish ones till 9/9.30, 3pm on Sunday.

    What I like about Christmas is that it is nice and quiet. I never understand why people ask ‘what did you do for Christmas?’ I mean, what am I supposed to do? Got up, walked the dogs, watered the garden, went down the beach, cooked some food. Maybe it’s because we have no family but even when we had parents we knocked the annual pilgrimage on the head pretty quickly, and made Christmas for us and our dogs.

    I’ll end by saying you read comments about people being pleased to have finished their shopping or moaning about writing cards and wrapping up presents. Well, if you don’t like it, don’t do it.

    • I really love that song too, I think the true meaning of it is of someone who has not found true happiness in life, but for me, it’s the title and the words ‘a burning wish to fly away’ that echoes my thoughts. The 10-4pm opening hours are Sundays only, the rest of the time it is open 24 hours, it’s something to do with UK trading and square footage. I don’t have a problem with shops and opening times, especially having being in retail myself, it’s the fact that during the hours of opening, I’d expect to be allowed in. How lovely to get up on Christmas morning and be able to walk the dogs on a beach…….. Enjoy yours 🙂


  5. Move to Asia. We do Christmas but not on the same scale – you can celebrate the Winter solstice with us instead. The only fat men in red are from mainland China.

  6. I’m the same, I hate winter (other than playing in the snow) and I yearn for those long warm summer days (not that we get that many these days). I’m always at my happiest at the height of summer, sat in the garden in the evening with a glass of wine chatting to my wife while the kids play in the paddling pool or run around playing under the jets of water coming from the sprinkler. I love cooking and dining outside on those summer evenings and having quality conversation with my wife and friends until late into the evening with no TV to distract anybody.

    Sadly I also fall into the category of parents that spend silly amounts on their kids as I spent far too much on them this Christmas. However to be fair our kids only really get presents at Christmas and their birthdays and only have a limited budget. We also don’t go on holidays or day trips that often. They also don’t get treats like sweets and other junk food most of the year as we believe they should eat healthy so compared with their school friends and peers they are ‘hard done to’ as they eat fresh fruit and veg straight from the garden most of the year but my wife and I tend to spoil them bit at Christmas.

    BTW Happy New Year and here’s wishing for a long hot summer 🙂

    • Your comment about ‘hard done to’ kids, made me smile. I banned biscuits, fizzy drinks and sweets while my girls were growing up. I lost count of the times I was told ‘I hate you’, but now adults, with lovely figures and good teeth, both have thanked me for it. Eating outside with a nice glass of wine (or Peroni), yes, roll on the summer!


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