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Remember remember!

If you think this is a post about bonfire night, then you guessed wrong πŸ™‚

I’m not a great fan of commemorating Guy Fawkes’s Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

I don’t have a problem with the fireworks being limited to the one particular day, but several days either side of the date, is not my idea of fun, as anyone with a pet will understand.

Slight sidetrack there…..sorry πŸ˜‰

Yesterday, the 5th of November, T and I decided we’d visit theΒ Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon in Warwickshire.

I’ve visited several times in the past as it was the home of the popular Gaydon Land Rover Show, but it was new ground to T.

Handing over our entrance fee, along with the two for one voucher we’d found in a local paper (yes, I am a tight Tyke).

Austin Healey 3000, T's dream car

Austin Healey 3000, T’s dream car

T made a beeline for his favourite car he’d just seen.

Huey with Luey the Lion

Huey with Luey the Lion

Apart from Huey, the first production Land Rover built in 1948, seen here with Luey the LionΒ from the Born Free Foundation.

MGB Roadster. Wire wheels and chrome bumper a must though.

MGB Roadster. Wire wheels and chrome bumper a must though.

Here is another of my favourites, the MGB Roaster…….we have some happy memoriesΒ of the fun times we had with ours.

A national newspaper article made us laugh at the time when a judge presiding over a court case quashed the claim, stating there was not enough room inside the vehicle for an act of infidelity to take place πŸ˜‰

…..sadly not a family car it had to go, but I’d have one tomorrow if I could afford one.

Talk about reminiscing, we wandered further round the displays, motor after motor drawing memories from the depths of our minds.

My earliest memories of a childhood family motor was the old Land Rover my dad had. Driving over Market Weighton Hills, East Yorkshire in thick snow, I remember thinking my dad was the best driver ever as we passed all the motors that were slipping and sliding around.

He sold it for an Austin A35, which I didn’t think was anything special. I might have thought differently if it looked anything like the A30 we saw.

I then saw an Austin Cambridge, my dad had one of those too…. registration 365 KOD …..just coincidence, he had a fish and chip shop at the time, though he did only sell Haddock πŸ˜‰

T saw a Standard Eight, his very first car, he commented on how reliable it was on it’s numerous trips to Wolverhampton Wanderers Football ground in the early 60’s

There was a Morris 1100. We had an Austin 1100, which I learnt to drive in.

The iconic Mini

The iconic Mini

The iconic Mini, I passed my test in one. I guess these are a bit more powerful than that 850cc one though.

There were motors from films, including Thunderbirds FAB1. Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider Defender (drool). A SciFi Landy from Judge Dread. One of the twelve Defenders used in the 007 film Skyfall, they could have used eleven and given me one πŸ˜‰ Even Shaun the Sheep from Wallace and Grommet has his own landy.

How about this beauty.



An MG SA only Β£389 new…..

oh, sorry, I forgot to say, that was in the late 1930’s

British icons.

British icons.

I’lll leave you with four much loved British icons.

A fabulous day out, which if you like old motors, I can certainly recommend.

All the motors mentioned above, and many more can be seen in the gallery below.


15 thoughts on “Remember remember!

  1. I’m not keen on individuals doing fireworks either. I don’t mind the organised events and we generally take the kids to our village bonfire and firework display. I certainly detest the idiots that have SMALLEST gardens and yet decide they are going to set off the BIGGEST fireworks, showering all their neighbours gardens with rubbish, causing distress to animals and potentially inuring people and/or damaging property. Sorry rant over….

    The heritage centre looks great. I’ve never been so must add it to the list of places to visit next summer. Thanks for the lovely pictures too. πŸ™‚

    PS. My favourite is the E type Jag but the Healey comes close 2nd with the 109″ on tracks in third.

    • That is exactly how I feel. A well organised display is fine. They are safe, usually well away from property and always advertised in advance. I’m surprised you’ve never been to the Heritage a Motor Centre with your love of motors. There’s plenty going on besides the motor displays. Hands on stuff for kids, historic film shows of vehicles and manufacturing, a shop and a cafe. There’s even a Land Rover Experience course outside. I’m sure you’d love it!


      • It is one of those places that I always mean to visit each year but by the end of the summer hols have managed to miss out on due to other commitments. While it is not far from where I work (coventry) it is a fair old drag to take the kids for a day trip as it is some 3 hours away from my home. I think next summer I will coordinate a trip there on the same day as a visit to Warwick castle to make the most of the long drive down. Now the kids are getting older (7 and 9) it is not so bad going on such a trip but when they were younger anything over an hour was unbearable!

          • We are used to long day outs, recently we took the kids to Bolsover castle in Derbyshire in the morning, Blue John Cavern in the peak district in the afternoon and Ladybower reservoir on the way home in the evening πŸ™‚ That was a long day, some 250 miles and 18 hours tour. We intend to go back to the derbyshire dales and peak district next summer as we found a place called Castleton that was gorgeous but we didn’t have time to stop.

  2. You’re not alone with you feelings about celebratory days… just THE day is sufficient rather than carrying them over πŸ™‚
    It’s nice that you and T share the enjoyment of motorshows, as do the G.O. and I. We don’t enjoy the crowds (we go early) or what seems to be ever increasing ticket prices – I’d go for the voucher as well, so we don’t go as often but when we do like reminiscing, particularly the G.O. who seems to have owned at least every second type of car or motorcycle available in the decades around and since his birth.
    And we have similar galleries of photos from motorshows past.
    I like the Mini’s. I’ve never owned one but Dad did when I was a toddler. Luckily he owned such a small car because he ran over me twice!

    • The Heritage a Motor Centre is open every day 10am-5pm, we purposely chose a midweek day during school term time, so there were very few folk around. The building has conference rooms for hire, so I think most of the people we saw were having a wander during their break from the conferences. Your comment about the GO made me smile, almost every motor we saw, jogged some memory of either, ours, family, friends or neighbours motors. Your dad ran over you TWICE!, my god!, was he trying to tell you something πŸ˜‰


  3. trust you are keeping well. i don’t seem to be getting many notifications of new blog posts anymore, so i came looking. Hallowe’en fireworks on Oct 31 are quite big here, but i don’t really care for them. Squeeky, our former cat quite terrified of them, and now there’s Timmy who is not nearly as terrified but obviously not at all found of the noise they make. always glad when it is finally over.
    i love that MG SA!

    • Hi Kris, thanks for popping in, I don’t seem to have much to blog about at the moment.
      Glad Timmy doesn’t suffer too much with the fireworks, it’s not pleasant when you have a pet that is terrified 😦

  4. oops! that &nnbsp; was supposed to have only one ‘n’ in it. if you feel up to editing my remark to change that, that would be perfectly acceptable. but no pressure! πŸ™‚

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