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I’m all distressed

Not in a bad way I might add 🙂

As most of you who read my blog will know, we spend most of our motorhome holidays near the sea. I adore the coast and all it has to offer.

On a recent holiday, I was looking in a gift shops window at all the coastal style gifts that were available, when I had a flash of inspiration, I will transform our well overdue to be decorated bedroom into the this now popular theme.

T looked at me and rolled his eyes as I told him my plans, and the look on his face spoke a thousand words.

“I suppose we’re having sand on the floor, and a CD with the sound of the sea playing” was his response, followed quite quickly with “Don’t expect me to help”

He really ought to know better than to challenge me……I emerged from the shop half an hour later, with two beach huts, a yacht and a seagull, and the plan was now in operation.

Once home, I set about removing the old and very dated vinyl wallpaper, then the backing paper that it had left on the walls.

IMG_4623  IMG_4622

OMG! the walls were green underneath 😮 had I really painted them that colour all those years ago?

I never realised I’d hung so many pictures either…….. I spent the rest of the day filling holes.

Saturday, T was going to be out most of the day, so my plans were to paint the woodwork. Little did I know what I’d let myself in for.

My intention was to move the furniture into the middle of the room, temporarily lift the carpet away from the skirting boards, undercoat in the morning, gloss in the afternoon, and hopefully have the room sort of habitable by bedtime. Now how does the saying go? …..’the best laid plans of mice and men’……

The foam backed carpet, which had been down for well over twenty years, didn’t have a foam back anymore, the foam had totally disintegrated, and I was presented with what appeared to be a layer of black soot underneath it.

Oh dear, this wasn’t in my plan, but not to be deterred, at least the floorboards looked OK, so I could always paint them.

I set about moving all the furniture into the spare room so I could get the carpet off the floor. My neighbours must have wondered what on earth I was doing as I heaved the carpet to the window and pushed it out, it landed on the paving below with a thud in a cloud of black dust…..well I wasn’t going to drag that down the stairs, was I?


Eventually, by late afternoon, I’d managed to remove the final traces of black dust from the floor, washed the paintwork down and was ready to give the woodwork it’s first coat of paint.

By the time T came home, after a rather boozy rugby day out with Deb and his friends, the carpet was hidden in the garage, and just the bed stood on the bare boards in the bedroom. He stumbled upstairs to bed……

“What have you done, where’s the furniture, where’s the carpet gone”

The state he was in I didn’t see the point in trying to explain anything , though I did wonder should I jest and tell him I’d prepared it ready for the delivery of sand 😉 😀

Over the next few days, the woodwork got it’s gloss coat, I gave the already white ceiling an even brighter coat of white, and the walls at least 3-4 coats of white to cover the green.

T was adamant he didn’t want painted floorboards (or sand), so we bought a remnant of berber carpet at a bargain price.

I’d decided I wanted a driftwood look to the furniture, and had intended to distress the pine furniture we already had, but it seemed a very daunting task, especially not knowing what I was doing. The spare room already had distressed mexican pine furniture in there, so I just swopped it round, and bought an extra six drawer chest to match.

I still wanted to try my hand at distressing pine, so I found an old orange pine mirror in a local charity shop, stripped and sanded the varnish off, then following instructions I had found on the internet, gave it a wash of chalk paint, followed by a coat of clear brush on wax.

IMG_4671  IMG_4674

Wow,  it turned out exactly how I wanted it. I forgot to take a before pic, but the first mirror is an identical mirror to the one I distressed.

I’d seen some distressed pine and rope triple photo frames in a local shop, but I refused to pay £16 a time, deciding I could make my own.


This was made from 3 single frames at a £1 each, which I distressed, drilled holes in and tied together with string, the photos are mine from our travels.

I bought two pine shelves at £3 each and distressed those for my beach huts to stand on.

Next to be distressed was the curtain pole, this was a total nightmare to remove the varnish and I ended up using the electric sander on it, so I haven’t attempted the rings.



I’m quite pleased with the finished result, though the wardrobe doors are still annoying me, so they may end up getting a coat of white paint yet.


17 thoughts on “I’m all distressed

  1. I am so impressed. I think I would have lifted the carpet, taken one look and ditched the idea. The distressed look is excellent. I think you should do T next.

    • Ha ha,T has voiced his concern, he says I seem to be distressing everything I get my hands on 😀
      I will admit, I did begin to wonder what I’d started as I chucked the carpet out of the window 😮

    • Courageous? I’m not quite sure that’s the right word 😉 I doubt I’d have started if I’d known what was involved, but it sort of snowballed past the point of no return.

  2. I like the flooboards, but you knew I would say that anyway. Could have given T a sea/beach coloured rug and kept yours nice and sandy. They look to be in really good nick.
    Love the clean look.
    will ask the expert about distressing on his return tonight. he´s up on fancy finishes, shellac in particular.

    Saw this on Nokia and couldnt resist a quick peek!

    • I would have been quite happy to paint the boards as they are in excellent condition, but the carpet is nice and it is warmer.
      The wardrobe doors stick out like a sore thumb, so I’d appreciate any advice.
      Are you enjoying your internet free time in Spain?

      • Just lost this. Aaagh! Yes internet free is very good :D.

        A tells me a lot of paint companies aren´t that up on VOC consistencies so you need to go for a good brand. He thinks dulux has caught up on it well. Plus a decent ie expensive good quality brush.

        When we had floorboards we always had rugs. Lots of them. Plus cranky me thought it was healthier to have a few draughts around 😀

        • Not having done much decorating recently, I’d not heard about VOC, but I did notice it mentioned on several manufacturers tins when I bought the recent lot.
          A good quality brush is what I’m missing.

  3. You’re very talented to come up with the idea of transforming your bedroom into a theme, and then actually doing it. I’m an impatient, messy painter but you have done a truly professional job. I love the frames and mirror – you will have saved a fortune with the DIY.
    The bedroom looks so restful and bright, I’m sure during the winter T will realise how brilliant you really are 🙂

  4. Aww, thank you ED 🙂
    I thoroughly enjoyed this project, though it’s not that often I get flashes of inspiration.
    The trouble is it’s made everywhere else look dull and in need of decorating.

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