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Jasper – RIP


Once again, a dog that stole my heart has left and taken a big chunk of it with him.

As many of you know Jasper had been struggling with his arthritic joints for several months now, but after returning from our Charmouth holiday, he’d developed open sores on the pads of his rear paws.

My vet tried antibiotics and cream to try to heal them, but nothing appeared to be working.

Jasper was having great difficulty even standing up so we would help him onto his feet, but he could only walk a few steps before collapsing.

His quality of life was fading fast, and I could see a big change in him. The once bright and alert eyes were now dull and he wasn’t smiling, as he so often did.

On Friday morning T phoned Vaughan my vet, who agreed it was probably time for Jasper to go to Rainbow Bridge.

Vaughan came out to our home just before 1pm on Friday 12th July. Jasper tried to stand to greet him, but his legs wouldn’t work properly.

Not wanting to play ‘god’ with Jasper’s life, I asked Vaughan if he thought we were doing the right thing.

I can’t remember his exact words, as by this time, my head was spinning, but they went something along the lines of……

We’d given him a good life, when no one else wanted him, he was getting on in years, and did I want him suffering in his last few weeks, because he’d only get worse.

So the heartbreaking decision was made.

It was all so very peaceful, and I felt a great feeling of calm as he drifted away, finally free from pain.

Happier Days

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog,
they take a piece of my heart with them….
And every new dog who comes into my life,
gifts me with a piece of their heart.
If I live long enough, all the components of
my heart will be dog …
and maybe
I will become as generous and loving as they are.“

28 thoughts on “Jasper – RIP

  1. Our deepest condolences. I know how you feel having lost so many beloved babies myself. I wouldnt give up one moment of the time we spent together just because of the pain I feel now over missing them. Someday you will be together again! God BLess You!
    -the collies and chuck

  2. Beautiful vid Vic, where was it taken? He looks such a young dog too! More tears here than there is water in that river.

    Like H, Jasp stole a part of my heart too. Missing him already. No more Jasp photos with LS 😦

    As the collies say, we’ve all been there and done that.

    Jasper was a fine dog and you gave him a great life. No more to say. 😦

    K xx

    • Thank you K.
      I know you had a soft spot for him.
      At the moment my emotions are quite calm. I think it is a comfort to know he’s not suffering anymore.
      It was only as I was looking back at old pics and this video compared to the most recent ones, I realised how much pain he must have been in 😦
      The video is one I did not long after we adopted him, so he’d have been about 7 years old.
      It was taken at the River Arrow, Ipsley, the other side of town, where we often walked.

      • And yet, look at the header photo on the beach with Little Sal. Such a short time for him to go downhill. Perhaps the best way though. Only in retrospect do we realise their pain because they are so stoic. How long was Pippa suffering with tick disease but never complained? so I wouldn’t worry about Jasp. He told you when he needed to.

        I think the vid sums up the happiness you brought to his life. But who hasn’t taken in an abandoned animal and seen the same change?

        • I wish we could understand our pets, or any animal for that matter. We have to guess, and hope we’ve guessed correct. Though as you say, they do have subtle ways we just have to learn their language. I’ve spent quite a while today re-living his time with us through the photos I took. Yes, I think I brought him happiness.

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  4. I know you brought him happiness and that he gave joy to your lives too. It proves that it was the right time because you felt relief at him no longer suffering. Absolutely love the sentiment that a bit of your heart passes with them and that each new “recruit” gives a piece of theirs. I love that verse it is so true, it is one of my favourites. I bet when any dog of yours has wanted something, was in pain, was happy or sad you’ve known and responded. Dogs read our body language and we learn their body language by observation over the years, how much more do we need to understand. He’s running free with Harry and Ben now comparing notes and I bet they are saying “you know lads we had a good life didn’t we?”

  5. Deepest condolences also from me, who is crying, but happy you posted the clip. He had a good life with you, and I agree with inaadams, Jasper’s not alone, he’s with Ben & Harry. Dogs are much wiser that we humans. Dogs know it’s time and trust us humans to know it to. You did, and acted in the same kindness and love that brought him to you, to let him go.

    • Thank you ED 🙂
      I did have my doubts at the time, but as soon as I saw how peaceful he looked, I knew I’d done the right thing for him.

  6. Condolences from me too. It is such a hard thing to do even when you know the time is right. Our Pom, Mui Chu, lived to 16 and Shirley sat up with her 2 nights running before we knew there was no hope. They give unconditional love. You will have very happy memories and knowledge that you have made Jasper’s life immeasurably better. That is a lot.

  7. So sad Vicky and my condolences hon. I know how it feels and it is for sure a big part of your life that they are taking with them. It’s is hard to do something like that but rather that than to see them suffer hon. You have lots of great memories of this beautiful furry kid and you gave him a great life. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Thank you for taking time to comment Jessie.
      Yes, a lovely quote, I only stumbled across it about a month ago, but one that stick in my mind now.

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  9. Oh, Vicky, I’m sorry! I was, as you know, in Tavira, but I remember this guy with affection. I have a friend who lost a companion of many years, Ailsa, just a few weeks ago, and I know the hole it leaves.

    • Thank you Jo.
      Yes, you didn’t know it at the time, but you met him at Grosmont 🙂
      They become part of the family and they do leave a big hole.
      Hope your friend is coping OK x

  10. aw Vicky, i have been away from blogging for a while and only now beginning to catch up. so sorry to hear your news, and at the same time glad with you that your beloved friend is no longer suffering. good old Jasper, what a sweetheart he was.
    those little or in Jasp’s case, those big four-footed ones really do enrich our lives, don’t they? and they are the happier for being in our care, so it does work both ways.
    i also believe that they know when it is time to say good-bye, and as hard as such a decision is and it would be wonderful somehow if that never became an issue, it is the kind thing to do.
    really enjoyed the video – and the header photo for this post is awesome. do take care, Vicky! my condolences to you, LS and to your whole family. XX

    • Thank you for your kind words Kris.
      He is missed very much, but as you say, he is no longer suffering. I can smile when I think he’s probably chasing squirrels at Rainbow Bridge.

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