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May YinYang (Yang)

May 23rd 1999 was the Yang.

It was the day I adopted Harry, or HugehappyhairyHarry as he was affectionately known by all at The Border Collie Trust GB where he was one of their ‘guests’. 
Guests!, I do love that title they give to all the waifs and strays they have there, who are patiently waiting for their forever home.

Harry had lived at the BCTGB for six months, he had been transferred there with two other dogs (Tom & Dick) from a dogs home in South Wales, after being found on the streets of Glamorgan. His age was obviously unknown, but they’d guessed him to be about two or three years old. Tom and Dick soon found homes, but at 30Kg Harry was big for a collie, this coupled with his passion for chasing cars is why they thought he kept being overlooked.

When I arrived at the Trust, I was greeted by a couple of the kennel girls, who asked if I had any preference with age or sex of the dog I wanted to adopt.

“No” I replied, “show me the one least likely to find a home”

Both girls looked at each other, and almost simultaneously said “Harry”

Which explains why I found myself standing in the grounds of the bungalow, waiting apprehensively at the doors of a rather smart kennel with it’s own run.

Opening the door one of the girls explained…….

“Harry has a very laid back nature, so any new guest showing signs of stress, spends time with him in ‘The Penthouse Suite’ (she nodded towards the smart kennel) we find it helps to calm them down”

……..she’d barely finished the sentence, when 30kg of wagging dog charged out of the door, almost flooring me in the process……

Hi, I’m Harry…………… slurp slurp……………….. I love everyone slurp slurp…………….. I’m HAPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did feel rather guilty adopting him, who was going to help them calm any future guests, but as Jennie, the trustee in charge said “We will miss him, but it’s about time Harry found his forever home”

The following years with Harry were some of the happiest I’ve had. At every opportunity we’d be out walking, high on the hills away from the rat race and rabble. I could go anywhere with him, I felt safe with him.

Then something happened that turned my world upside down:

On Saturday 8thDecember 2006 Harry was rushed to the vets. At 4pm on the Sunday I got a call from my vet to say he’d performed an operation to remove a piece of sweet corn cob that was blocking Harry’s small intestine. Harry’s heart had stopped during the op and he was given a 50/50 chance of pulling through……

I won’t go into detail here, anyone wanting to read about the nightmare three months that followed can read Harry’s story over on Pippadogblog Part 1 and Part 2.

Against all odds Harry did recover and we walked on the hills together for a further eighteen months.

Which is when the Yin comes in…..26th May 2008

The collection of photos in this video span H’s life with me.

13 thoughts on “May YinYang (Yang)

  1. Listening to the music and watching the photos was beyond me… but I loved the photos – was there ever a more photographed dog? You walked some beautiful places together. I’m guessing you are soul mates of some kind. Harry may have been dog in being but I’d swear there there is an soul behind those eyes 🙂

    • ED, thank you for your lovely comments.
      I am quite touched to know that from the photos you have been able to see beyond the ‘dog’ and into his soul.
      Yes, he truly was my soulmate.
      My family used to ask if I’d got enough photos of him 🙂

  2. I’ve chickened out of watching the vid. I always end up crying when I read about H. I think I have closed any comments on my blogger blog, so that was another reason for suggesting that link rather than WP, this post is about H, and if people want to read the link, they can comment back on here 🙂 Not that most people read links.

    Anyway, I did look at the photos in the end. But without the music. Hmm. Next post to read now and I know what’s coming 😦

    • The memories are becoming happier now, though I still find it hard to talk about him without filling up 😦 I do hope folk read his story, if only to become knowledgeable and spread the word about the dangers of corn cobs.

  3. what a wonderful puppy Harry was. i say puppy intentionally, because he has such a happy-go-lucky look about him, as unencumbered as a young puppy. thank you for sharing his story. what you say about paw prints – some of them are deeper than others.
    i so loved both Sammy and Squeeky who moved in after him, and both of them were as different as day from night.
    and yet there is something exceptionally unique about Timmy who is completely different from both. hard to explain. he has only been here four months – to the day, as a matter of fact – and he continuously melts my heart with all his endearing and sometimes even some annoying attributes. never thought i would feel that way about cats before Sammy moved in so many years ago since i had always considered myself a dog-person before that. and i never knew there could be such a sweet boy as Timmy is.
    i think that people without a four-legged family member are missing out on more than they realize. thanks for sharing these sweet moments.

    • His happy go lucky nature does shine out doesn’t it? Obviously how he got his nickname at the rescue centre.
      Timmy sounds like he’s already got some big paw prints on your heart.
      I couldn’t agree more about four-legged friends 🙂

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