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The March Wind doth blow!

OK OK, I know it’s April, but nature’s a tad behind this year here in the UK, and the temperature is more like March.

We still have crocuses croci those pretty little crocus plants flowering, and the daffs have only just appeared.

I’d been quite busy sowing seeds since the beginning of March, and although I’d erected my mini plastic greenhouse ready to transfer everything into, because of the heavy frosts we were still having, until last Monday all were still in the spare bedroom, which was starting to resemble a scene from the day of the triffids.

Anyway, Monday waking to beautiful blue skies, a bit of warmth in the sun, and a forecast of warmer nights I spent most of the day, transferring all my seedlings into their own pots, by the evening all my radishes, rocket, salad leaves and most of my pepper plants were happily sitting on the shelves in the greenhouse.

This area of the Midlands is notorious for late frosts, so I’d decided to keep my tomato plants and a few of the pepper plants indoors just incase.

Tuesday morning I proudly checked my hard work, yes, all my little plants had survived their first night away from the comfort of my bedroom window ledge, I did the same on Wednesday too.

It looked at long last like spring was on its way, there was a bit of a cold wind blowing, but sheltered in the greenhouse, my plants were warm and cosy.

Moving forward to 10pm Wednesday evening T and I are sat indoors, when we hear an almighty crash outside. T looks out of the window and calmly announces ‘your greenhouse has just blown over’

WHAT!!!!!!!!…………I ran outside to see my greenhouse lying face down on the decking 😦  all the little pots and shelving were now lying inside in a pile on what was the zip away door. We struggled to upright it in one go, but with the weight of the compost, and the framework of the greenhouse collapsing we soon realised it would be an impossibility.

So admitting defeat, we opened the zipped up doorway………………to be faced with what looked like a landslip spreading across the decking.

By this time, the air was blue and I was almost in tears 😥 T ever the optimist announced ‘Never mind there’s always Asda‘ 🙄

We salvaged what we could from the disaster. We piled into a heap the remains of the greenhouse and secured it down with the garden furniture in the hope it would still be in our garden the next morning.


The following morning the winds had died down slightly, so we swept the remains of the landslip onto the garden and we I set about trying to repair the framework.

Most of the plastic brackets that had been at the base had cracked or broken completely, so I reassembled the frame with the damaged ones to the top.


The frame with the damaged brackets at the top.

IMG_4035 IMG_4033

 Using some good strong gorilla tape I repaired them the best I could.


The cover which had been covered in muddy compost drying over the decking rails after T had hosed it off.


The remains of all my hard work, waiting for their ‘house to be repaired.


I spent the rest of the day, re-potting, before returning them to the repaired greenhouse. Note the slabs in the base, hopefully to stop any more disasters.


As I mentioned earlier, luckily my tomato plants had stayed indoors, which as you can see are thriving well.


In the garden is the base for a proper greenhouse which should be arriving next week, this will be anchored to the ground, hopefully averting any more disasters.



10 thoughts on “The March Wind doth blow!

  1. I can just image what your spare room looked like – too funny – I hope you didn’t hear the plants muttering in the night 😉
    I’m assuming the UK March winds are akin to Australia’s dreaded August winds. You did well to repair and recover the greenhouse and it contents. Your tomato seedlings are impressive. Do you eat all of what I imagine would be a lot of tomatoes, fresh, or preserve some?

    • I don’t know about the plants muttering, but I’ve told them how lovely they are 😳
      It’s supposed to be March winds, April showers and something to do with the Gulf Stream, but I think it’s lost it’s rhythm 😮
      I have far more tomato plants than I expected, I usually have three or four on the go, but they’ve gone mad this year so I’ll probably end up giving most away.

  2. Did I ever feel for you 😦

    You did a good repair job by the look of it. Actually your slab idea was a good one, so now you will have two greenhouses and can grow twice as many plants 🙂

    As ED says, those toms look impressive. What variety are they?

    My chillies (gift from next door as usual) have started reshooting new leaves so looking forward to lots of hot chillies later this year 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I surprised myself with the repair when I think back to the shattered remains I was confronted with.
      The toms are Gardeners Delight, I didn’t realise at the time, but they’re a cherry tomato, which I love, we just need some salad days this summer 🙂
      Chillies, now that’s something else I need to grow 🙂

  3. I feel for you on the loss of the little greenhouse and its contents. Both my wife and I have suffered great heartache from losing plants over the years. So much time and effort goes into their propogation and nurturing that it hits hard when you lose them.

    However, best wishes for you new greenhouse.

    BTW Your windowsills look like ours. My wife has had all ours covered in small propogators for the last few months. Thankfully the weather finally warmed up last weekend so they could all be relocated out to the greenhouses although we’ve still got shlef units in the hallways laden with trays of seedlings.

    Heres hoping for a really long warm summer and bumper flower/veg harvests 🙂

    • You’re right, it is the time and effort that goes into it. Watching the seeds burst through and grow bigger daily, just to see them in a pile was what upset me most.
      The new greenhouse is arriving the beginning of May, we have to assemble it ourselves so I dare say there will be photos 😉

      • I look forward to the pictures 🙂

        I’ll have to remember to check in directly as WordPress reader has decided not to show your posts! I only found this post when I came in to see if you were OK as I hadn’t see a post from you for a while. I then found this post which was a few days old. I’m getting a bit P’d off with the WP reader. I’ve been getting posts appearing in there from people who I don’t follow while losing posts from people I do! AAARRGGHH!

  4. oh, that must have been so disappointing. glad that your tomatoes were safe and sound inside. we had quite an incredible wind a couple of days ago as well, but my gardening has not yet begun this year, so it had no impact here.
    in any case, you repair job looks excellent. looking forward to your new green house!
    happy gardening. 🙂

    • It was very upsetting to say the least.
      Nature has amazed me, as all the rescued plants are happy and growing up quite strong now.

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