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It’s that dreaded time of the year

Here in the UK, once a year, all vehicles over three years old are put through quite a strict Ministry Of Transport test to check their roadworthiness, and each year it appears to get stricter and stricter. Granted some of the items checked are major, but others I will admit to finding quite petty.

A full list of failure items are listed here for anyone who wants some bedtime reading.

If you have taken the time to read the list, you will understand why, most folk sit in the test station biting their fingers for forty minutes, remerging into the daylight either jumping up and down and waving a piece of paper in their hand or……head bowed, sinking into a deep depression with ££££ signs flashing in their eyes.

Well yesterday was Happy camper’s (still not been given a proper name) day of reckoning.

It had been hibernating under its dark green cover since November, circumstances had prevented us trundling off to the few campsites that weren’t under water.

Our plan was to take it for a drive to make sure all moving parts were….err moving, and that nothing had seized up anywhere.

T unveiled it, pulling the cover off as a motor manufacturer would unveil a new model, the cover proved to be worth every penny, as there in the dull grey light stood our shiny pride and joy 🙂

Last year before we collected Happy Camper, we had re-aranged the front garden by putting a couple of tons of chippings down so we could keep it at home. This had proved a bit of a disaster, what with the weight of the Motorhome and the downward slope to the house, we had found it impossible to drive off the chippings, even with paving slabs under the wheels, so Dougal had been brought into action every time. A bit of a pain, yes, but as T has pointed out……..it is an excellent anti theft device

Yesterday was no different.

Dougal to the rescue

T hooking up the tow rope.

Ready steady....pullDougal at the ready.

Good old Dougal

A couple of seconds later and T is rolloing up the tow rope…..

On the road

…..and we are on the road and ready to set off.


………first stop was the local Tesco to check the tyres, which amazingly had only lost one pound each.

It was wonderful to be travelling in it again, and it wasn’t long before we started reminiscing about last years wonderful holidays, and where our plans would take us this year.

We did a round trip, Evesham, Tewkesbury, Upton on Severn, Worcester and home.

Lost in conversation, though still with camera in hand, I’m afraid I only managed a pic of Evesham

EveshamThe main street through the old market town of Evesham, the Town hall is the old building in the centre of the photo. Turn left in front of the Town Hall the pedestrianised Bridge Street, takes you down to the River Avon, which has flooded many times.

Happy Camper ran perfectly, so once home, T took it for the dreaded MOT.


To be honest, we hadn’t expected any problems, but we were both elated to be presented with our piece of paper, stating it’s roadworthiness for another year.


8 thoughts on “It’s that dreaded time of the year

  1. You’ve made the MOT inspection process very entertaining. I had a laugh at your anti theft device and just thinking about the Happy Camper made me want to hit the road. I also really liked the imaginative way you redacted the details from your photos – very clever. My car is due for inspection in March, I’ve got my fingers crossed for it to be uneventful.

    • It’s funny, while it was under wraps, it was just a dark green monster on the drive, and holidays had been a far of memory, but the unveiling brought it to life again, with thoughts of travelling and warm (hopefully) days to come.
      Good luck with your future MOT, fingers crossed here too 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the MOT 🙂

    I’m having a dreadfully busy week at work and looking at your camper van I’m just imagining vanishing off to some remote place to get away from it all.

    • Thank you 🙂 Always a happy time with that ‘Pass” piece of paper in the hand.
      Escaping? That is exactly how I used to feel every time I saw a motorhome or caravan. I can certainly recommend it 🙂

  3. I think I told you A always frets at MOT time, and that last year the guy said the vehicle was mint. So off he went with no worries – for once – and came back saying ‘What a ****ing PITA that was!’

    But one fail for a seven and a half year old vehicle, and the first we have had to spend on it wasn’t too bad.

    Glad Happy Camper went straight through. You are right about them getting tougher, they failed quite a few when A went the first time. Of course, there is only one MOT station in Gib (it’s a govt one) so it is NOT a good idea to get on the wrong side of the inspectors. MUST do my landy post about the oil seals.

    Love your number plates. I just black them out! You can partially still see the on the road plate, but I doubt it will be an issue.

    I had to do a double-take looking at the pic driving through Evesham to get my head around the traffic on the other side of the road.

    I won’t comment on the shorts 😉

    • I really think the ‘worry’ is more prevalent with Landy owners, probably because Landies get under our skin more than a normal vehicle, that for me has now spread to Happy Camper.
      Thanks for the eagle eyed info for the ‘on the road’ pic, now suitably edited 🙂
      Ha ha, I’ve had the same double take looking at some of your pics on the road.

      • “I really think the ‘worry’ is more prevalent with Landy owners, probably because Landies get under our skin more ”

        Yep, that is how we feel. While it is a little worrying if the aging and knackered Mazda fails an MOT (highly likely this year) we’ll just end up replacing it whereas with the Land Rovers it will mean going out to fix them. Annie passed her MOT a few weeks ago and to be honest I was surprised because in my head I had imagined things like brakes or steering to be worse than they actually were. I’m still surprised that a vehicle that likes to mark its territory so much doesn’t fail for oil leaks…. 😉

  4. Well done to Annie for passing her MOT.
    Marking its territory, lol, that has just reminded me of a sticker I had in Mr Plod, that stated something similar 😆

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