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Are you sitting comfortably?

Phew, where do I start.

Almost a month after mum was discharged from my local hospital, my TLC didn’t seem to be working, she was out of her comfort zone, and there was human and dog tension in the air, so on 10th February we made the decision to return her to Yorkshire, in the hope she would feel happier in her own surroundings.


The three hour journey north went without incident, though the weather was lousy. T drove, mum a passenger in the front with Cindy (her little Yorkie) on her knee, all the luggage (mum doesn’t travel light) behind the dog guard in the rear, which left……..


……..the rear seat for Jasper, Sally and me. All I can say is it was a good job for Dougal disco, as it was all very cosy to say the least 🙂

The following few days were spent sorting doctors appointments, care workers to visit, prescriptions to be delivered, a dog walker for Cindy, shopping, and anything else I could think of to make mum’s return home as smooth as possible.

Our plan was to leave around lunchtime Friday for the journey home. Feeling quite pleased with myself, at everything I’d managed to set up, I crashed into bed around 10.30pm Thursday night. An hour later I found myself calling the out of hours doctor out to mum, she’d taken a turn for the worse, and after a brief examination, he wanted her admitted to her hospital. I sat up with mum until the ambulance arrived at 5.30am. One ambulance to cover the whole of Harrogate and surrounding area, I felt so sorry for those poor paramedics, they were shattered.

Returning to bed at 6.30am, I slept till 9am, then started the mad panic to contact all concerned, to delay everything I’d set up.

A visit to mum at 2pm a further visit at 5pm, we decided, after chatting to the doctors, there wasn’t much point in us staying in Yorkshire, she was in good hands, and selfishly or not, I needed some ‘me time’ so we set off back home at 7.30pm.

T drove again, and we dined on a rather unusual diet of fruit scones and water during the journey.

Almost eight weeks of caring for mum and only two and a half hours sleep the previous night had started to take its toll. I collapsed into bed around 11pm, and T informed me, was away with the fairies within seconds.

With constant phone calls to and from the hospital and mum, the ‘me time’ still hadn’t materialised. I still needed to escape, so finally on Tuesday, after blowing up at T, I grabbed LS and J and took off for the hills.

After driving a couple of miles I realising that my seat wasn’t in the usual position, the seats are electrically controlled so I toggled the switch forward to bring the recline up a tad, but nothing happened 😮 I toggled the switch back, aaargh!, it started to recline even more.

Now the last person to drive Dougal, was T on the journey back on Friday. During this journey, he had forced wedged his bottle of water between the centre cubby box and the drivers seat. Whether this was the reason the seat controls weren’t working, who knows, but I was cussing him under my breath for the rest of the journey.

IMG_1285seat control

I pulled into the car park at Cleeve Hill (usually my total unwind place), and tried the seat controls again, every other seat position was working, so thinking it may have been a glitch, I tried the recline again……OMG, still no upward movement, but even more recline……… I decided to leave well alone because at this rate, I’d have ended up with a fully reclined seat, and no means of driving home.

IMG_3862The car park, minus the floods of my previous two visits.


I set off over the hills with LS and J. It was bitterly cold, which may explain the remains of the snow from the previous week.


Jasp loves eating snow, and every patch we came across he had to sample, there is total silence up there and it was quite funny that all I could hear was him crunching away.


We reached the trig point, which is just to the left of this direction map, and let the wind blow the cobwebs away.


I then plonked myself down on this seat to admire the stunning views across the valley, LS and J by my side and giving me the occasional nuzzle, at last I started to unwind.

Making our way back to the motor and feeling fully refreshed, I was brought back to earth, almost literally as I sat myself in the driving seat. I’d totally forgotten about my seat controls. So by the time I got home, I was a fully wound up spring again.

T enquired if I’d had a good walk……………. he got all my guns blazing……….

‘you ******* you’ve knackered my seat controls with your water bottle, you can pay for the repair’ He went silent, as I stormed upstairs to my computer to see if I could find any info on a land rover forum anywhere.

I searched for the price of a switch………at well over £200 a new one was out of the question, second hand ones were as rare as rocking horse s**t, my anger was growing by the second. Eventually I did find some extremely good information about possibly repairing mine.

There were several forums with advice and photos Land Rovers forums.com, LR4x4.com, Landyzone.co.uk. So flicking between them, I set about trying to repair mine.

The main point made on all these links, is to be extremely careful when opening the switch, otherwise I could expect an explosion of  16 ball bearings, 8 springs, 8 rocker contacts and 4 switches.

I removed it from the centre console, and as suggested, sat at a solid table with the switch on a tray (to catch the bits).

All went well, I cleaned it and put it all back together again, sorry no pics, it was far too fiddly to even think about taking any. Though this is and excellent pic of everything in its correct place, borrowed from AK Rover on Land Rover forums.com.

Two or three attempts later at putting the switch case back together without dislodging the ball bearings, I gingerly connected it back to the electrics of Dougal.

Yeah!!!!!, the recline was now working 🙂 but ………………the tilt wasn’t 😦 it would tilt forward, but not back, so each time I toggled the switch, the seat tilted me closer to the dash, to the extent I was almost sliding off into the footwell.

Back to the drawing board.

The last thing I wanted to do was take the switch apart again as the forward/back and recline were working fine. I suddenly had a brain wave.


If I remove the passenger seat switch (which was fully operational), attach it to the drivers seat electrics, I may be able to tilt my seat to the position I wanted. I wouldn’t be able to swop it permanently, as they were handed, but at least I could get my seat to the correct position before putting the switches back in their rightful places.

Hey presto!!!! it worked, so I am now sitting comfortably………and T is under strict instruction NOT to alter my seat again 🙂


15 thoughts on “Are you sitting comfortably?

  1. Great job on the landy work there Vicky. For all it is arsey, there can be some quite good advice on landyzone, 4×4 used to be good too. A has looked at LR forums.com although I haven’t.

    Blue sky and snow, great pix. But too many cars in that car park for me. Heart always used to sink if there were more than two cars in any car park.

    Aren’t LS and J so gorgeous together? Love that pic. The shorts were noted 😀

    Haha! Recognise that motorway sign …

    Good to see a post from you again, and feel for you, you must be absolutely drained. Hope your mum has a speedy and easy recovery.

    • Welcome back from my spam folder!!!

      Thank you, I must admit, I did feel quite chuffed with my repair.
      There were a lot of cars on the car park, but I didn’t see many folk, probably two at the most, so no idea where they all were.
      I guessed you might recognise the motorway sign 😉
      Mum is improving slowly thanks.

    • Thank you for popping in and taking the time to comment 🙂
      I must admit, I feel like there has been a lot of pouring rain just lately, though mum is improving slowly thank you.
      Thanks for the comment on Sal and Jasp, yes they are adorable, though I’m a tad biased 😉

  2. You’ve had a hectic start to 2013… at least though you knew to respond when enough was enough by returning your mum home, and eventually taking yourself off for a therapeutic walk with Sal & Jasp. The view from the seat is a great place to find yourself again. You did a great job with the seat controls. I’m impressed 🙂 If I was T. I’d feel awful… something so simple adding to a long line of stress… oh yes, I’ve been there 🙂

    • I’m sure if things had stayed as they were, irretrievable damage would have been done to my relationship with my mum. I’m not the most understanding person in the world where human emotions are concerned.
      The seat switch may not have been T, it could have just been coincidental, but give him his due, he did offer to pay for a new one, but £200 would fill the motorhome diesel tank twice over. Seat switch v. holidays…..no contest. 😉

  3. Don’t know why I have not visited you here at your lovely blog. Foolishness to be sure, I like how you weave a story line in with your photos,

    I was attracted to this posts title because of the Moody Blues tune,same title.
    I so appreciate your thoughts regarding being a full time care taker and taking time to care for yourself too.
    I hope I am no assuming by commenting on what i know nothing of in respects to your situation with you mum, But my heart is tugged by your words.
    I am sure you have been told a dozen times already (at least) that you MUST take care of you to be able to afford emotionally & mentally the care of someone else.
    When my mother was very ill I moved myself in with her & her home for 24/7 care for 2.5 months, The most stressful time of my life yes, but also in hindsight the most treasured time,. It was all too exhausting, and it was a must to make certain there was refueling time. I don’t think it is selfish at all, I think it is proactive,
    I do hope yous see this a s a must for you too Vicky.

    Love your blog, I will be back ~ BB

    • Hi BB 🙂
      Thank you so much for your kind words.
      Ah!, the Moody Blues….say no more 🙂
      I don’t think I could care for my mum the way you did for yours, I admire you for your total devotion, you must be a very strong person.
      There was far too much friction between mum and me for me to become her full time carer, though I tried my best while she was here with me.
      She is still in hospital, but improving daily, and looking at being discharged in the next few days.
      I have had a month to unwind and get my sanity back.
      I’ve decided the best plan is to get her settled with the health service carers, then make the trip up to Yorkshire to visit, that way there would be less stress for both of us.

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