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A sad tree?

During this last week, we’ve heard chain saws in the area, so we decided while out walking with the dogs, we’d go to have a nosey at what was happening.

It became obvious that several local Ash trees had been felled 😦 whether it is or not, we don’t know, but there is a high possibility it is due to Ash die back disease that is spreading across the UK.


I had my phone with me, so decided I’d take a couple of photos of all that is left of these once magnificent trees.

Nearby there is another tree, a sad tree, perhaps it heard the chain saws and started to get worried.

No, this is a tree that has always been sad.

This tree fascinated me, and I’d taken a photo many years ago, and after reading a post by Pix & Kardz I was prompted to look through mountains of photographs in search of it, to no avail.

So here, in all it’s sad glory is the latest photo of………..


Sad Tree.


7 thoughts on “A sad tree?

    • The first time I noticed it was many years ago while walking Harry in the half light of evening, I found it quite unnerving being stared at by a tree 😮
      I wonder how many folk have walked past and not even realised they are being watched.

  1. oh you found it. what a brilliant click – and a sad tree. but perhaps it is just looking puzzled. but it definitely is looking!  
    sorry to hear about the ash trees. many of the elm trees on this side of the Atlantic are also affected by disease. always so sad when that happens.
    thanks for sharing. and thank you for the pingback! 🙂

    • I still can’t find my original photo, and when I went to have a look at ‘sad tree’ around the time of your post, oddly it didn’t look so defined otherwise I’d have taken a photo then, must be the winter light.
      Our native Elm trees were hit bad by Dutch Elm disease in the 70’s, according to this link it destroyed most mature trees.

  2. In the rush of our lives, we get very less time to wonder about the flora and fauna around us. It must be saddening for them, coupled with this Ash disease.
    The tree in the snap seems wondering what is in its future. *sob* 😦

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