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The need to escape.

I haven’t been able to get out on the hills recently, anyone who read my Little Guest post will probably realise why.

Though I am now pleased to say that my mum is improving slowly and all being well we will be returning her to Yorkshire next Sunday.

I’ve missed my escapism on the hills, so yesterday, after making sure my mum was happy about being left, I decided on a good brisk walk was the order of the day to blow away the cobwebs. I contacted Deb my youngest daughter to see if she fancied joining me.

A dogless walk is never as good as a walk with one, but as Jasper would definitely have struggled and I couldn’t take one without the other, so Little Sal remained at home too. The chariot was also out of the question because of the gated fields.

Deb suggested she brought Bonzo along. Bonzo is a Springer Spaniel who Deb often walks for his owner. You can read more about him here.

‘He’s at the dog parlour’ his owner announced when Deb phoned him, ‘but collect him from there if you want to’

Which explains why Deb turned up with a pristine looking and wonderfully smelling Bonzo.

Half an hour later we pulled into the car park at Broadway Tower. I opened the rear door of my motor, and this beautiful snowy white pup, leapt out of the back……splat into the mud….ooops!!

‘Never mind, he’ll brush clean’ said Deb.


The view looking westward from the car park towards Bredon Hill and the Malverns in the distance.


We made our way over to the Tower. I think everyone else must have had the same idea, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so busy, though it was a beautiful day.


Deb and Bonzo running across the open fields. A bit of ‘The Hills are alive’ from The Sound of Music there 🙂

IMG_3802Halfway down, looking back up the hill to the Tower in the distance.

We continued to descend through two more gated fields towards the village of Broadway, before turning round and making our way back up again. All this time Bonzo had been hurtling around like a hurricane enjoying his freedom.

When suddenly Deb screamed out AAARGH BONZO NO!!!!!!!!

I turned back to see him rolling in something rather more to his liking than the lovely perfumed smell from his recent shampoo, and sporting a lovely dark stain from it on his shoulder 😮

He returned to his hurricane hurtling, charging past us every now and again……… Hhhmm, were we getting a rather strong whiff of fox s***?


Arriving back at the Tower, the sun was on the way down, though still plenty of folk around.


Deb and Bonzo silhouetted against the sun.


Making our way back to the car park, we called into the cafe for a coffee. Sitting outside in February isn’t too bad at all 🙂


The sun now almost gone, we made our way home with a rather more ‘natural’ aroma in the motor.

Luckily Bonzo’s owner wasn’t too concerned about the state of his dog…….Ah, no worries, I’ll chuck him in the bath!


11 thoughts on “The need to escape.

  1. What a spectacular day – the sky, space and light is wonderful and your images have conveyed it all beautifully. An escape well deserved, and you’re right – it’s not the same without a dog to enjoy it with. Bonzo made thie most of his day 🙂

    • Thank you, I pleased you managed to get a feel for the place from my images.
      For me, there’s nothing more exhilarating that being high on a hill on a beautiful day. The open sky just shouts freedom!

  2. Lovely pictures as usual, good to hear that your mum is on the mend too 🙂

    Is the tower more of a folly or a genuine defensive structure? It looks gorgeous, I fancy myself living in something like that!

    • Thank you twice 🙂
      Broadway Tower is a Folly.
      Yes it would be an amazing place to live, especially with the wonderful views.
      If you’re interested I wrote about another visit we made earlier in the year here
      Where I added a link to more info on the Tower

    • It made Deb and me laughter when we looked at they photo of the folk walking towards the tower, Deb commented they look like lemmings 😆
      I might have been vertically challenged 😉

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