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Dovers Hill

The Sunday after my cheese on toast post, and still feeling a tad guilty about being a bit of a pig, I took Little Sal and Jasp to Dovers Hill, Gloucestershire.

Not much striding out was done, hence the follow up chariot walk a few days later 😉

Dovers Hill is almost on the border between Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, and oddly some of the nearby towns have Worcestershire post codes, even though they are in Gloucestershire.


The hill has glorious views over the Vale of Evesham, and like almost every viewpoint in this area, The Malverns in the distance dominate the skyline, the hill left of centre is Bredon Hill where my header photo was taken.


I knew Dovers Hill was the location for the Cotswold “Olympick Games” the information is on the National Trust notice board on the car park, which also tells of how they were abandoned in 1852 due to hooliganism.

What I didn’t know was the type of violence that was involved. 😮

On doing some research to find which county the hill stood in, I found this website Dovers Hill. The link is worth reading as it has some interesting information about the games.

Leaving the car park, the walk is all level along a ridge which is ideal for J’s legs.


Very inquisitive sheep graze the whole area, and seeing the dogs and me all started to wander over, much to J excitement.

It was on a walk here with Harry and Sal, that I first became aware of Sal’s fear of sheep. Walking past a tiny lamb, it suddenly bleated for it’s mum, Sal, cowering, ran over to me almost tripping me up as she tried to hide between my legs. She is a bit braver now, though still not 100% happy around them 😆


We continued along the ridge to the point where it starts to drop away, stopping to admire the view, well, J did, little Sal was more interested in grazing.


Looking over the valley, the dark clouds were moving across, and a rainbow was starting to form. I wonder if there really is a pot of gold over there somewhere. There was a hoard of roman coins found on nearby Bredon Hill.

We just made it back to my motor before the heavens opened.


The route to Dovers Hill passes through Bidford on Avon and Honeybourne, so on the way home I decided to stop and take a photo for comparison to a photo I posted on my Pic a Colour blog.


Looking over the river to the town of Bidford, the rainbow had appeared again, cheering up what had been quite a dull sky.


18 thoughts on “Dovers Hill

  1. Gorgeous photos, as ever Vic.

    Interesting info on the noticeboard. I see it is limestone like Gib 🙂

    Good link about the games. I didn’t realise they were sewing things back on so long ago. Fancy running off with someone’s nose!!

    Never mind inquisitive sheep. Inquisitive J more like. He has a Pippa stance there.

    Perhaps LS is keeping her head down so she doesn’t have to look at the sheep. A bit like me going across high bridges. Or high anything.

    I think I remember reading about that hoard at university. There was a lot of roman stuff around that area. We had a field course based somewhere in Gloucs (I think).

    The comparison between the two photos is amazing. Good thinking to take a floodless pic.

    I like the light in the photos – the sun giving a glow through the dark clouds.

    • Thank you 🙂

      I think a lot of the Cotswold area is limestone, Cleeve Hill definitely is, with loads of fossils.

      That link made me laugh when I read it, no wonder the games were cancelled.
      I thought that too about sewing bits back on…..no anaesthetic in those days either 😮

      Poor Sal, have you ever know a collie scared of sheep 😆

      • I don’t think any of our dogs have been frightened of other animals. Pippa is possibly the most interesting as he often just gazes at horses, goats, sheep, donkeys, draught cattle (not cats!) with a totally placid look on his face. I wonder what happened with Sal to make her fear sheep?

        Actually that pic with the two of them, the sheep and the outline of the trees is prob my fave out of the selection.

  2. All these images are wonderful but the last is so quintessentially English to me. You go on the most amazing walks both visually and from a history-interest point of view. I don’t know what I like best the open vista’s of sky and land or the rural sheep… yes I do – Sal & Jasp enjoying themselves. I wish the people in the city who keep their dogs in apartments or inside their house could see them, and be like you 🙂

    • Thank you ED 🙂

      I’ve never really looked at Bidford in that way, but I guess you’re right, a lazy meandering river (most of the time), with a quaint old church on the bank, and little cottages, different area I know, but it’s a bit Constable – ish

      Sal and Jasp do enjoy their country walks, as have the other dogs I’ve had. I love to see happy dogs, as Roughseas has mentioned before, they smile. 🙂

  3. i keep admiring your corner of the planet. it always looks like the perfect setting for a British police show 🙂
    that 5th image has such a dramatic sky. great timing on the click there!
    thanks for sharing 🙂

      • how fun! i wonder if they will ever show that here? we are able to see some British TV here, such as George Gently (don’t remember the actual show name), Inspector Frost, and another which takes place in Oxford, although i can never remember the name of that one either. i usually come in when it is just starting, so i miss the opening credits. and i used to watch Midsomer Murders all the time. i could just imagine Tom Barnaby putting in an appearance on some of your photos 🙂

        • I think that is just called George Gently (Martin Shaw the actor?)
          The one in Oxford was probably Morse (John Thaw).

          Father Brown will be on for 5 days in the afternoon from early January, not sure for how many weeks though, but we want to watch it (not usually an afternoon TV person) as its filmed in loads of places we know.

          • that sounds great! friends in Germany often enjoy watching TV shows that are filmed in Vancouver, too. i remember watching an episode of the X-Files there where the scene was one of the libraries at the universities – and they then, with some clever photo-editing, moved some parts of town where they don’t belong 😀
            in any case, wanted to wish you a very happy new year. i also have a very embarrassing confession to make – i fiddled with my blog account and made some administrative changes which for some reason no longer let me use my crow avatar – at least not on a regular basis. and i have somehow inadvertently prevented the notification of new posts for those who are following pix & kardz. the only way to follow my blog now is to unfollow it, and then follow it again. urk!
            in any case, thank you for your support and visits at my corner this last year. it has been a delight – and thank you also for sharing the beauty of your corner of the planet. happy blogging!

            • Thank you, hope yours is a good New Year too. I’ve enjoyed my first year (not quite a full year yet) blogging, and met some wonderful folk too.

              I think WP is playing up, so may not all be something you’ve done, as I keep having to approve folk who I’ve never had to do before.

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