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Chariot to Muskets

Following on from my earlier post Walking off the cheese on toast we though we’d try the walk with J and his chariot. After two days of freezing fog, it made a change to be able to see where we were going.

We set off, walking to Morton Stanley Park as I had done on saturday with little Sal. T, ever the gentleman, was striding out ahead with Sal, while I struggled to stay on my feet, by hanging onto the railings alongside the steep icy footpath with one hand, while the other hand was holding back 48kg of dog and chariot. Perhaps I should have just slid down, but I didn’t fancy my chances with the bollard at the bottom.

Walking through the park, which is in a hollow, I was faced with the same problem in reverse, as we climbed the footpath on our way out.

I eventually managed to catch up on the level footpath in this photo.

 We had decided we’d walk straight to the high bridge this time as the ‘ski slope’ would have been too much for J to cope with.

Looking over the bridge, all the trees were white with frost, what a difference to saturday when the trees were golden with the sun on them.

Once over the bridge, we  let J out of his chariot and headed into the woods. From the high bridge footpath, the only way through the woods is downhill.

J did extremely well, walking downhill and enjoying all the new sniffs, but started to struggle on the climb back up again, so we popped him back into his chariot.

This is where I got my own back on T……… We had a choice, either up the steps in this photo ……….which was a definite no with J settled into his chariot, or up a steep slope, which must have easily being a 1 in 4.

The slope it was then……………. and guess who pushed that 48kg total up…….. Yep, NOT ME!! 😆

Once at the top, Charlie one of Sals friends suddenly appeared, he was also out for a walk with his owner. He had a run around with Sal, then suddenly peeped into J’s chariot, the look on his face said it all…….’what ya doing in there pal’

Retracing our route home, the walk this time was probably nearer four and a half miles in total, plus the fact I was pushing J most of the way, so I think the other slice of cheese on toast has now being walked off.

T on the other hand decided not to go out on his planned bike ride, saying his legs had done enough exercise for one day 😉


11 thoughts on “Chariot to Muskets

    • Correct 🙂
      I was going to add the name of the tune and the group at the end……but thought I’d do a ‘name that tune’ especially for Roughseas 😉

      LS would have carried on walking, I don’t know where she gets her energy from, though she has been asleep most of the evening.

      It was good in the woods the frost had made the mud solid, so we all came back clean 🙂

      • Damn nuisance! I knew the song and even the words (there aren’t too many), it’s one of those nice repetitive melodies that grates if you don’t like it, but is good if you do 🙂 but as I didn’t know where to start with bands, I had to use the lyrics to hunt them down.

        Those silvery trees with the frost on them look beautiful. Fairyland or winter wonderland. And I love the way Jasper looks so relaxed in his chariot, looking out on the world from his window.

  1. You did well to keep the chariot & Jasp from free-wheeling down and T did well to push the chariot & Jasp up that hill. I was exhausted just looking at it… I’m still in awe of the walk and the landscape – such an escape – wonderful for dogs & people 🙂

    • Thank you, at least it keeps me fit too and it’s better than going to a gym 🙂
      Now I know I can get there walking (we’ve only lived in this house for 36 years ;-)), it will become a regular walk.

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