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Walking off the cheese on toast

After viewing roughseas post on onion soup topped with the cheese on toast, the cheese in my fridge started shouting at me, ‘mmm, just imagine me melting on a piece of toast……in fact use all of me on two pieces of toast’

Well I silenced that voice……. there’s no more cheese to talk to me now 😉 ………but then the voices in my head started, ‘You’ve eaten all that cheese, you’ll get fat, you need to walk it off’

Looking at little Sal asleep on the chair, I knew she’d appreciate a nice walk. As soon as she saw me putting my coat on, she was dancing round me, ‘take me, take me, so all togged up against the biting cold, we set off.

My plan was to walk via Morton Stanley Park to Muskets woods, or Pitcheroak woods to give them their official name. I’d never done it before as I usually jumped into the motor to visit the woods which are about three miles away by road.

En route to the park we met several dog walkers, one who I got chatting to because her dog was wearing a Dogs Trust collar was walking of a mince pie (I think my walk needed to be longer than hers ;-))

IMG_3680Looking across Morton Stanley Park. This was about 2pm, already the low winter sun is casting long shadows.

IMG_3683Leaving the park, we followed the footpath, I knew I was heading in the right direction, but wasn’t sure if the path would lead me all the way there.

IMG_3686I was pleasantly surprised, it led me almost all the way to the low footbridge over the A448, which is the main link between Redditch and Bromsgrove.

The high footbridge can be seen in the distance.

IMG_3688The low bridge leads straight into Muskets woods.

This is the famous ‘ski slope’. it probably still is, but now only a shadow of its former self. In the 70’s before the A448 chopped about a third off the top it was the place to be with your sledge when it snowed (It was one hell of a walk back up again though ;-))

We walked slipped down the slope. Twice I ended up running to keep up with my feet, that had a mind of their own.

IMG_3689  IMG_3692

Sal enjoyed her walk through the woods. We then walked back up onto the footpath that leads to the high bridge.

IMG_3696The high bridge.

This is notorious for folk jumping off, earlier this year there were two suicides within a month, which may explain the Samaritans notice now at either end.

IMG_3699Looking down onto the A448 which cuts the woods (and ‘ski slope” in half). The low bridge is just visible where the road curves out of sight. The remaining ‘ski slope’ is on the right.

IMG_3701Looking back across the bridge into the woods.

We continued back through Morton Stanley Park and to home.

Checking the distance on the map, the total walk was just under four and a half miles which we did in about an hour and a half, hopefully I may have walked off one slice of cheese on toast 😉

Now I know the route, it will be a chariot walk with Jasp next.

Rather an odd photo now, and one of several I could have taken.

IMG_3703Under this fluorescent orange paint is dog poo. The council have deemed it an excellent idea to highlight the amount that lies on the footpaths by spraying every one flourescent. I’m not quite sure on the reason behind it, but one thing I’m certain of, I doubt it will shame those dog owners to clean up after their dogs. I will say one thing though, highlighted like that, there’s less chance of standing in it.


12 thoughts on “Walking off the cheese on toast

  1. I read cheese on toast, and thought, hmm, I wonder what inspired that? 😀

    I do not like that big high bridge one bit. There are some bridges over the dual carriageway out the back of our village and I go across holding A’s hand tightly, or just walking in the middle of the road (it’s quiet) gazing down at my feet. But they don’t even have waist high railings, they are sort of calf height. Far too easy to fall over!

    It looks a pretty place. Enough open space to walk through, and plenty of light with the bare trees.

    That picture of the park is a good one. Captures so well those long shadows that token the passing of the day. That’s one reason I like going out in the morning, I don’t like the long shadows.

    I should like to try the ski slope with my cross country skis 🙂

    I’m not sure what the idea of the orange paint is either apart from to keep someone in a busy job. People who are irresponsible enough not to pick up certainly won’t bother if it is sprayed bright orange as others are even less likely to tread in it, thereby reducing any vague incentive even more!

    • LOL, yes I blame your appetising photo for my gluttony 😉

      Phew, I don’t think I’d be happy walking over a high bridge with such low railings either.

      The two bridges are part of a circular walk from the car park, a walk I only ever did once with Harry, his desire to chase the wheels of the vehicles below, totally scared the **** out of me (another time I ended up on my knees with him).

      The woods are coppiced quite regularly, so they are fairly open, and all the dogs I’ve had have been in their element with the squirrels and rabbits………it’s always been a walk for the dogs, it’s not top on my list though.

  2. “there’s no more cheese to talk to me now” had me laughing out loud… I love the long views you’ve given us in these images, particularly “Looking back across the bridge into the woods.” Heights exhilarate me – I’ve always loved being positioned in the highest spot, looking down – like cats do. “Looking across Morton Stanley Park” is beautiful. I love the space. The long shadows tell me it’s time to go home, make a cup of tea, and put dinner on 🙂

    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed my walk too 🙂
      I love being high up too, heights dont bother me as long as I’m safe, i couldnt walk across the bridge if the railings weren’t there, or even low railings like roughseas has mentioned 😮

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  4. Now I’m thinking cheese on toast sounds good. And the “payment” doesn’t seem like much of a deterrent if it’s a walk through pretty scenery. Thanks for sharing your walk through the woods.

  5. i enjoyed this walk! somehow i don’t think it did anything for the extra dessert i had this evening, though. LOL
    i especially like the green grass playing with the long shadows in the first image.
    you do live in a very lovely part of the planet!

    • Thank you 🙂
      I never think of it as ‘a lovely part of the planet’, I’m always yearning for the coast or other countries with stunning views…….Canada for one has always been high on my list.
      It a case of the grass is always greener………

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