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Santa Paws

Today Jasper went back to visit the Dogs Trust at Kenilworth.


The photo above is the reception entrance to Kenilworth Dogs Trust.

It is where I adopted him from in June 2008, when he was about seven years old.

I won’t go into detail here as I have already written a blog post about The Dogs in my life, where he is mentioned.

He spent a long time, sixteen months to be exact living there, and became a very popular amongst the staff during his stay, so whenever we return he always gets a wonderful welcome from them all.

Today, as has happened on every visit, several members of staff came over…………. ‘hello Jasper, how are you mate’……’hello Jasper, you’re looking good pal’……’Jasper! good to see you again”………

It really is a lovely show of affection from them all, and to me proves their total dedication to what must be quite an upsetting job at times.

Today’s visit was for the Christmas fair they hold every year, there were raffles, tombola’s, stalls selling bric a brac, christmas cards, calendars, diaries etc. Jasper won some biscuit treats too.

The main reason to visit though was to see Santa Paws. For £1 dogs (and children) can go into his grotto and receive a gift. We are also allowed to take photos.


Santa is another member of staff who remembers Jasper, and we had quite a long chat while Jasper settled himself down at Santa’s feet.


Jasper receiving his christmas pressie, which was a nice new lead :-). Though as he’s got several leads, he will be donating it back, probably for the summer fete.

Little Sal, in case anyone is wondering, went for a long walk to the park and back with T, and Jasp will be sharing his bag of treats with her 🙂


13 thoughts on “Santa Paws

  1. I totally adore this post 🙂

    I was thinking to myself that Santa would have to be pretty dog-friendly but obviously would if he was yet another helper at the trust. I so admire those people do. Not something I could manage, I confess.

    Jasp’s face does remind me of Pippa though. Not so much facially similar, as when they both look serious.

    Nice bright shiny reception area. I often wonder how these places keep going on limited funds, let alone expanding or revamping.

    It’s lovely they all remember him though 🙂

    • Thank you, I though you probably would 🙂
      If it was closer, I’d volunteer to be a helper, just to feel I was doing something for the dogs. Especially the oldies, who just looked like they wanted a cuddle.
      It is a very smart centre, having had a total rebuild in 2004. It is also the largest of all the Dog Trust centres.

  2. I think it’s wonderful that Jasper can go back there with happy memories… I was a little worried. Jasper did well having his photo taken with Santa, some dogs would freak at the jolly red man – at least his voice and smell would be familiar to Jasper… I have memories of my Bo chasing a ‘wildlife fund koala’ with a bucket full of change in a car park 😉 The rescue services do such a good job, giving the dogs a home while they are waiting for forever homes 🙂

  3. It was Jaspers third visit to Santa, but nothing seems to worry him, he just takes it all in his stride 🙂
    The image of Bo chaing the wildlife helper made me chuckle, I bet she was thinking, that is one BIG koala. I love the memories our pets leave us with 🙂

  4. Vic, Santa knows everybody and every dog! lol. Paddy enjoyed it (I think) he wouldn’t keep still to have his photo taken, too much to take in on his first visit to see Santa. He wasn’t phased at all, but it is amazing what a few gravy bones can do!!!

  5. how cool is this! Jasper looks so sweet there. what a nice visit he had with Santa Paws.
    i don’t think i could work in a place like this, i would be reduced to tears too often. and yet how wonderful it is that there are people like you who adopt dogs and give them another chance at a good life – just as much as they extend that to you.

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