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A little ray of sunshine

Nestled between Thursdays grey skies, gales and torrential rain and todays grey skies, gales and torrential rain was a little ray of sunshine.

Well, it was probably a bit more than a little ray, the sun was shining when I opened the curtains, and continued to shine until about 15.00 when the grey skies started to re-appear.

The weather forecast for the weekend sounded horrendous with gales and more torrential rain, so the need to get out and enjoy this day was overwhelming…..my special place was calling again!!

Cleeve Hill is about twenty miles away, and the drive there is across the low lying Vale of Evesham.

To anyone just passing through, they’d probably be thinking what a lot of lakes there were in the area, it all looked very picturesque and calm, but on closer inspection, they may have noticed every one had telegraph poles straddling across them, with the water table full to the brim, field after field was under water.

Looking down from the road bridge to the river Avon below, the river bank was only guesswork, from the line of narrowboats which now appeared to be moored in the middle of a vast lake.

We continued on our way totally in awe at the enormity of the floods.

Arriving at Cleeve Hill we drove through the flood water at the entrance to the old quarry, which is now the car park.

T and below him the car park

T and Jasp, making their way up from the car park.

View over the valley to the Malverns

I never tire from this wonderful view across to the Malvern Hills. The small village visible in the valley is Bishops Cleeve.

Although it is what is known as common land, and sheep and cattle graze there most of the year, it is also a golf course (T’s favourite). We expected to see one or two playing, but the course was packed.


T stopped to have a chat with one or two, it turned out, it was so full because every other course in the area was flooded.

We continued along the path, as it was a bit too dangerous with all the golfers to walk over the grass.


Just at the top of this path on the left is a small quarried area, I’ve found many fossils of sea life there. The area dates from the Jurassic period.

vapour trails

Any one for noughts and crosses? I wonder if the planes realised the patterns they’d made.

No walk on Cleeve Hill can be done without my two dogs.

Jasp at his happiest

Jasp becomes a different dog when he’s up there, possibly picking up my vibes, or could it be me picking up his?

Little Sal

Little Sal looking very foxy.

We spent a good two hours wandering round at J’s pace, before returning to the motor for our drive home.

Give me a day like this over any material object, it is something you just cannot buy.


10 thoughts on “A little ray of sunshine

  1. You’ve already posted Mr Blue Sky or it would be perfect for this.

    Loved and laughed at the vapour trails. Great description of noughts and crosses 😀

    Your two dogs are so huggable. And Jasp is so Pippaish 😀 Big smiley happy dog.

    • I was so tempted to post it again too, it is such a happy song, and the words are perfect.
      They always come to life and J always looks happy up there 🙂

  2. Ahh, I’m craving space like this… I get a little fix as I walk over the hill in the city-locked park each morning but it’s nothing like this amazing place you’ve shared… Jasp looks like he’s in good form, and who can wonder at this given where he is. I’d also love to spend a few hours searching for Jurassic fossils. Just wonderful – thank you.

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