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Wet and windy Worcester

What a difference a day makes!

After such a glorious day on Sunday, it would have been nice for it to continue for a couple of days at least, but oh no! we’ve had a miserable murky Monday, a torrential Tuesday, a wet Wednesday and err Thursday, well it wasn’t thundery, but it wasn’t far off.

We decided to drive to Worcester, that’s right, no bus or rail passes today, my motor had been standing around since we returned from Yorkshire last month, so it needed a run to give the battery a charge and Worcester seemed a good option.

A couple of junctions down the M5, and we’re parked up beside the new Diglis bridge. This is T’s favourite spot for launching his kayak into the Severn as it’s got easy access down a slope into the river.

He certainly wouldn’t have had any trouble launching it today, it would have just slid off the footpath straight into the river as the slope had vanished under about eight feet of water, though if he had, it would probably have been the last I saw of him and his kayak in the swirling mass of water.

We set off on the circular walk, over the Diglis bridge, along the riverbank to the town road bridge and back along the bank on the opposite side.

What a contrast there was today compared to when we did the walk on that beautiful day in January that I wrote about here.


Where’s the weir? On the video below, I filmed where we thought the weir should be, but it was totally submerged, the only sign of there being one there was the orange barrier to stop any stray boats, which was bowing under the strain of a tree it had caught.


12 thoughts on “Wet and windy Worcester

    • That’s the first time I’ve been called intrepid 🙂
      I do love watching the power of nature though, obviously as long as it doesn’t involve trauma for others.
      Yes, I think the world’s weather is a total mixed bag at the moment.

  1. Great record. We’re both singing along to it, and neither of us could remember it. Had to look it up. Crowded house? another good Aussie band.

    Amazing contrast with the previous blog post.

    I thought our rivers were full here in Spain, I’d forgotten how full the Brit ones get. A mentioned the Ouse and wondered how far that would be up in York, remember the pub that always gets flooded?

    A went down the dirt track on the shopping run yesterday but decided not to go across the local river. When we all went back together and crossed the road bridge I was glad he hadn’t. He’d have been swept into the mediterranean 😦 !! More to the point, so would thousands of pounds of defender.

    Beautiful day in Spain though, seriously hot. Warm enough to sunbathe if we’d have had time 😀

    • Crowded House it is, though I didn’t know they were from Australia.
      Yes, a big contrast to Sunday’s weather. I’m guessing the river will get worse too, as it usually takes a couple of days for it to reach a peak after the rain in Wales.
      I do feel for those living by the rivers.
      York always gets it bad, and I know the pub you mean too, T and I were in there not long ago looking at the flood markers on the wall.
      Good job A didn’t decide to drive across the river, even landies don’t always make it, did you ever get to watch this:

  2. An unbelievable amount of water everywhere! Hope you’re keeping safe. As Rough says, poor old York is well up against it, as usual. No fun for anyone watching the rising water.

    • The problem with the Severn, is it sources in North Wales, where they’ve had an extremely wet time recently.
      I agree, for those living nearby the rising rivers, just waiting and watching must be so stressful, not knowing what to expect. 😦

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