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Mr Blue Sky…….

Yes, I’ve been digging through my old albums recently, and following on from my previous video post which was accompanied by ELO’s Hold on tight, another song of theirs sprung to mind straight away today.

In the words from the song……….What a beautiful day!!

I drew back the curtains this morning to a piercing blue sky and everywhere covered in a heavy frost.

The motorhome on the drive appeared to be on fire, with steam spiralling off the roof as the heat from the sun slowly crept across it.

We agreed it was a perfect day for a walk to the park, so we set off on Jasper’s third trip out in his chariot. We followed a similar pattern to the previous two days, push him to the park, let him walk around, then push him home again.

quite frosty in the shade

The sun is still warm enough to melt the frost

There were still large areas of the park out of the suns reach, that lay heavy with frost.

a beautiful autumn day

Part of the path around the perimeter of the park, probably just under a mile in total. This is looking back to the woods in my previous post.

plenty of dogs around

It’s a dog walkers paradise, where dogs are allowed to run free through almost all the park. Sally and Jasp met two beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs.

Play with me

Sally becomes a little flirt when she meets a handsome dog, continually play bowing to them.

We continued all the way round the park, Jasp even found a spurt of energy when he saw a squirrel, before we popped him back into his chariot for his journey home.

Just leave me here to sleep

Parked up outside our house, Jasp was quite content to stay inside his chariot again.

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11 thoughts on “Mr Blue Sky…….

  1. Great pictures. Your dogs are beautiful, specialy Jasp. How old is Jasp? And if you don’t mind my asking, where did you get his “chariot” from? My girl is 10 1/2 years old and she is very active. She can easily walk more than an hour non stop, but if I want to bike and I want her to come with me I’ll be needing a chariot like the one you have. It looks like you all had a good time:)

    • Thank you Marcela 🙂
      Jasp is about 11 years old we think, but he’s a rescue so it is only a guess. He has osteoarthritis in his knees hence the reason for buying his chariot.
      The chariot is from a company called Solvit and it came with a bike attachment.
      I bought mine via the internet, there’s more info here
      I’m sure your girl would enjoy it 🙂

  2. Looks like a wonderful morning… I walk around a big park every morning, and one of the best things is seeing the dogs out and about, running and socialising… if I’m lucky I’ll get a pat. Autumn is my favourite season, currently we are experiencing a mixed bag Spring, as is usual for November – hot, hunid, cold, rainy, storms, windy… and ELO is an old favourite of mine 🙂

    • It really was a beautiful day, one of those days that just lifts my spirits 🙂
      I love to see dogs socialising too, they always look so happy.
      It sounds like you’re weather is very mixed, is it always like that at this time of the year?

      • Oh yes, November is always a mixed bag… although I don’t remember it that way from when I was a kid… we have a few family birthdays at the end of Nov, including mine, plus the start of the pre-festive season stuff, so organising events is always interesting – I’ve had many chilly, stormy birthdays. Summer seems to arrive early-mid December… we’ve had wet summers for a few years but this one is forecast hot & dry and we’re waiting with our fingers crossed 🙂

  3. excellent pics – winter certainly is coming. I went ‘puppy walking’ yesterday along with Shirl and her daughter and 2 cocker spaniels – just talong a very busy Swinsty reservoir…nothing like it!

    • If you had the same weather we did here, I can imagine Swinsty was extremely busy. I couldn’t believe the amount of folk we saw when we were there the other week, and that was a misty midweek day.
      I bet the puppies enjoyed it 🙂

  4. Lovely photos of a lovely day and happy dogs too boot. Under gray skies and filled with introspective thoughts today my dog walked me through the woods. As I chanted quietly and walked I became aware of the wild turkeys foraging in the underbrush and a woodpecker family began to hammer away as we passed. All is quiet in the woods — all is well within. I’m sending your and yours kind thoughts this morning and always.

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