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11th November Remembrance Day.

The final of my three posts.

Please comment if you wish, though I will be remaining silent on this post.

……..we will remember them!

The Menin Gate

In the Belgium town of Ieper, probably better know by it’s French name of Ypres, stands the Menin Gate, a truly impressive, though very poignant memorial to the missing British and Commonwealth soldiers who fought in battles of The Ypres Salient.

A small section showing some of the names

Over 54,000 names are written into the stone walls.

The bronze scale model

Alongside the memorial is a scale model in bronze that visitors are able to touch, this is mainly for the visually impaired visitors so they can ‘see’ the memorial.

The Menin Gate was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield. At the inauguration ceremony on July 24th 1927, the buglers of the Somerset Light Infantry sounded the ‘Last Post’.

Apart from during the time of occupation between 20th May 1940 – 6th September 1944, the ‘Last Post’ has been played each night at 20.00 by buglers from the Ieper Fire Brigade.

The video below was filmed during a visit I made in 2006, it was a warm summer evening and plenty of folk turned out to attend the ceremony.

There have been times though, on a cold wet night when the buglers stand there alone………so very poignant.


4 thoughts on “Remembered

  1. Pooh. Sad post. The music always makes me cry.

    I was busy writing my post for today and thought I would have a quick check to see if yours was up 🙂

    That bronze model is fascinating.

    I need to get dressed and go out – needless to state Gib does RS in style, a ceremony at 11am and another at noon! I’ll leave my post for later to see if I can get any decent pix.

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