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The old lead mines

Prompted by the wonderful post from Walking with a smacked Pentax about an area very close to my heart. I have spent a couple of hours digging out some old negs I took over twenty years ago. The quality isn’t as good as I’d like, but scanning negs is never going to be perfect.

I spent many a happy weekend up here with my parents. My mum would get the picnic out, while dad and I would go scrabbling through the rocks, looking for gems, it was only fluorite, but I became rich with these gems.

It appears very desolate, but there was always something to do……….an only child can always make a big adventure from nothing, and I had hundreds of adventures, and there was always the odd sheep to talk to.

As I said, these pics were taken just over twenty years ago, I was well into adulthood then, but a recent tragic accident my close friend had suffered, had made her desperate for a break and to get away from everything for a while.

So driving up to Yorkshire I took her to my ‘secret place’. I hadn’t been back since childhood, and it took me a while to find it, but driving down the track and opening all the gates, nothing had changed, it was as though time had stood still, and my memories of gem hunting, and the adventures I had all came flooding back.

I left my friend alone with her thoughts and wandered off with my camera, oddly enough, this was a Pentax too.

the gated track down from the main road

buildings still standing

Parts of the old buildings still remained, probably a few more stones had fallen, but still exactly as I’d remembered it.

Arch on the opposite side to the track

This archway is on the opposite side to the track down. I was never allowed to go further than here as a child.

stream from mine entrance

One of the mine entrances, and the stream where I found my gems.

old abandoned machinery

Plenty of old machinery still lies where it was abandoned all those years ago.

more abandoned machinery

more old machinery.

Mine entrance

Another mine entrance. I used to shout echo! echo! into it, and the voices of the old miners replied echo back to me 🙂

I’m afraid I can’t give much information about the area, but from the location described in Smacked Pentax post, it’s sound very much like it’s in the same area.

His blog post is WELL worth a read.


13 thoughts on “The old lead mines

    • Thank you.
      It was an old ME I had, I finally part ex’d it for my first Canon EOS autofocus.
      It is somewhere near Stump Cross Caverns, down a track, past a stone wall 😉 but exactly where, I haven’t the faintest.
      We ended up driving down several tracks until I found it.
      If it was nowadays, I’d be able to pinpoint it with a GPS, never to be lost again 🙂

  1. I am so glad that my post has prompted you to show these pics…they are really excellent. I think they are of the Cockhill Mines near Pateley Bridge. We are fortunate that we live in such an amazing place…most people don’t even know that these areas exist! It is a great place to explore – especially as kids – as long as you are careful!

  2. Great post and that you found your aold pics, and that you and SmakedPentax have collaborated to identify the location 🙂 The images may be old but the the composition and visual appeal is excellent. What fantastic memories from your childhood, free to wander and pick up gems. Hah, you say only fluorite but it is a wonderful gemstone and one of my favourites.

    • Thank you ED, yes very happy memories.
      I also have a BIG thank you to you for pointing me to Smacked Pentax, who I’d never have found without your link. 🙂

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