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Weekly photo challenge – silhouette (2)

A miserable misty day in November 2005 that turned into a day that will stick in my mind forever.

Bredon Hill, Worcestershire

Walking through thick clouds, to the top of the hill, I was totally awestruck.

Bredon Hill is in landlocked Worcestershire, what looks like the sea to the right, is thick cloud hanging in the valley. This cloud remained all day, and later on walking back through it, I re-entered the miserable misty November day.


13 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – silhouette (2)

  1. My cell phone won’t let me sign in as p&k, but it’s really me. That must have been so brilliant to emerge into the sunlight.
    Reminds me a bit of one of the rare but memorable words of wisdom my Dad gave me as he was saying good-bye before I left home on a long trip. Even when you can’t see it, the sun is still there, shining. Hours later, flying above the clouds, it was literally so. And in all the many years since then, on days of grey – even when the sun is shining – the wonderful gift of hope has been a shining beacon. Good old Dad!

      • i thought so too. when it came to advice, he doled it out sparingly. but i frequently remember it now all these years later, given the circumstance.
        so cool that you found some sun that day then!

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