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For me there is something quite magical about watching the setting sun, even more so when it is over the sea. It’s as though I’ve squeezed every last drop of daylight out of the day, and for those few moments before it drops beyond the horizon, time feels as though it stands still.

I wish I could put that feeling into some form of poetry, but words fail me, as I stand there in total awe of what I’m seeing.

I’ve had a piece of music drifting in and out of my mind recently, which for me goes some way towards what I can’t put into words.

It’s called El Cielo by a band called Sky. Rather apt words for the images I think.


17 thoughts on “Sunsets

  1. I’ve thought about it (unlike Roughseas) but would be clueless where to start! I feel the same about sunsets too, Vicky. I often linger on the roof in Tavira watching the last colours fade. Sometimes I have to dash downstairs for a cardigan to ward off the chill. I can distantly see the river mouth, and I watch to see the boats come home safely. Foolish really!

  2. Sunset is my favourite time of day, when it’s time to ‘down tools’ and take time to rest. The slideshow and music were lovely, I got lost in it, and found my breath slowing as it would during meditation… which would have be great except I need to get to work 🙂

  3. These were gorgeous — what a great job you did on that, and the music selection was just perfect!
    I love shooting sunsets too. Some of my «photo contacts» [or whatever I shall call them], makes snotty remarks about it being cliché-ish, but now I put them in an album of their own in FB, only for regular friends 😉

    Also … sunset here, where I am, in during the hottest summer period, means relief! Up here on the 9th floor, where in for some spectacular ones..

    • Thank you Reb 🙂
      I wouldn’t give two hoots about what your ‘photo contacts’ say, who do they think they are making snotty remarks!
      I certainly wouldn’t hide your pics away, if it was me I’d blatently post them solely to annoy them…….but that’s just me 😉

  4. i enjoyed reading the post while on my travels, but being able to view the images with that music….. that was wow.
    a very evocative post, Vicky. there is something timeless about the end of a day, something that tugs within us and resonates with, as you say, the unspeakable. so rich.
    and on a technical note, i am so impressed by the slideshow you created. kudos! my favourite other website where a number of my photos could be seen in a slideshow view is shutting down soon, and permanently. so i am inspired to try to learn how this is done. thanks for that, too!

    • Thank you P&K.
      Your wonderful way with poetry, feel free to add the words that elude me.

      The slide show is easy to do, it took me about fifteen minutes to put together.
      Depending what system your running, there are many program’s around, I use iMovie on my MAC.
      Previously I used Pinnacle on Windows, which I bought, but there are plenty of others.

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