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Hobbits and hurricanes on the hill

Sunday the 7th of October, a beautiful sunny day, I’m just debating where I could take Sal and Jasp for a nice leisurely walk, when the phone rings……..it’s Deb, my youngest daughter.

“Hi mum, do you fancy going for a walk somewhere, I can go and pick up Bonzo”

Bonzo is a year old springer spaniel, who Deb will often walk for a work colleague when he’s on a long shift.

We decided on the Lickey Hills as it is only about ten miles away. The Lickeys are reported to have inspired Tolkiens Middle Earth Shires, though I’ve never seen any hobbits there 😉

There’s plenty of room for three dogs in my motor, once the rear seats are down, so, with Sal and Jasp settled in, I drove down to pick up Debs and Bonzo. Opening the door for him, he leapt in without hesitation, skidding to a halt against the door at the other side, S and J totally shocked at the whirlwind that had just burst into their serene atmosphere, just stared at him. I can just imagine them……………who the F***is that????

During the short drive to the Lickey Hills Country Park, Bonzo insisted of checking the journey from every window…….’are we there yet? wow,look at that cloud!, what we stopped for?, yeah, were off again,  wow, another cloud!’…….all this time, Jasp is like an old granddad, ‘huh! youngsters of today huh!’ and Sal has curled up as small as she can, occasionally lifting her top lip, to reveal her teeth, when he got too close. Not that he took a blind bit of notice.

Parking the motor near Beacon Hill, I opened the rear door to lift Jasp out, Sal jumps out, and Bonzo, on the end of his lead, flies out.

The toposcope on Beacon Hill

Copied from Wiki:……Just a kilometre north of the monument, on top of Beacon Hill, is the toposcope made in the early twentieth century by the Cadbury family, standing next to the Ordnance Survey triangulation point. A small castelated structure was built to rehouse the toposcope in 1988 to celebrate the centenary of the park. It is 297 metres above sea level and provides the best views, of the city of Birmingham and surrounding counties, that the park provides.

S&J are just sniffing around, as Deb unclips Bonzo’s lead. Whooooooooooooooosh, suddenly, this little bundle of firework shot past us, he reminded me of the old fashioned jumping cracker firework, not quite knowing where to go next…………Wow look at that blade of grass!……..wow clouds!………wow more grass……….wow clouds, grass, dogs, people, dogs, grass………………

I did try to get some photos, but I’d only taken my small compact camera, so by the time it had decided to focus, he’d vanished again.

Ooops, my camera wasn’t quick enough

It was total pot luck that I got anything at all, panning the camera with him, and pressing the shutter when I thought I may be in luck 😆


Third time lucky….

Bonzo the hurricane

I was amazed to find this was in focus.

does he ever stay still?

We continued around the park, until we came across the man made ponds. Bonzo, up until this moment had remained fairly clean, but, I guess it’s a near impossibility to keep a gundog out of water.

emerging from the mud

I’m afraid it’s not a very good photo again, probably caused by me laughing………….until the reality of the fact hit, that he would be returning home in MY motor 😮

We didn’t have much trouble though, finding some slightly cleaner muddy water to get most of the mud off, and Bonzo certainly didn’t object to being TOLD to go in.

After a half hour play in the grass with a great dane, he was beginning to look more like the dog we’d set off with.

Sal and Jasp wondered what had hit them

Making our way back to Beacon Hill, and Bonzo the hurricane still hurtling round, I at last managed to capture a photo of the three dogs, otherwise no proof at all that S&J had even been on this walk.

Did he tire at all? ………………NO!

Deb with Bonzo

though he slowed enough for me to capture a half decent pic of him with Deb 🙂

The journey home, was in a similar vein to the one going…………… so much to see, so much to do, and only a second to do it all in! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Hobbits and hurricanes on the hill

  1. Wow! Isn’t he wonderful? And what a beautiful day and such a gorgeous location. I can’t believe what gorgeous countryside you have around you. The toposcope is amazing and so are the views.

    You’ve got some great photos there. Paddy used to run like that. Originally billed as a lab/spaniel cross, we thought he looked more setter. He was very slight and had red fur on his chest (that disappeared in the end) and he did NOT like water which is hardly lab/spaniel behaviour. But Paddy on the beach did resemble Bonzo flying across the grass.

    Lovely post, really enjoyed it (when I woke up in the middle of the night to prepare the somewhat delayed paté and salad) and again this morning. One of those posts that brings such a smile to the face. Definitely worth a weekly photo challenge for ‘happy’.

    • He is really gorgeous 🙂 and he certainly brightened the day of everyone whose path he crossed.
      I haven’t been to the Lickeys for years, I’d forgotten how picturesque it is up there, though every man and his dog are usually there too 😉
      I bet Paddy was a picture to see on the beach, I could watch dogs for hours and the wow factor they give to everything, even if they did the same the previous day 🙂
      I hoped it might bring a smile to you 🙂

  2. Beacon Hill looks like a dog’s wonderland. Space, trees, grass, water, mud… You did well to capture such lovely images, which I really enjoyed much as I enjoy the dogs out and about on my daily walk – it’s wonderful to see them doing their doggy thing 🙂

    • A dogs’s wonderland, that is exactly what it is 🙂
      A nice day up there draws the crowds, and almost every person had a dog with them, all doing doggy things 🙂

  3. Oh this made me laugh! We have a dog like that but I fear if we let him off leash that would be the end of that. He’d just keep going. By the time his little doggie brain twigged to the fact he has it good with us he’d be miles away!

    • Thank you for passing by, and for commenting, glad it raised a laugh. 😀

      I’m pleasantly surprised how well behaved Bonzo is with my daughter, especially as he’s only a year old.
      I can imagine that must be quite a worry for you, I have a friend who had a dog she couldn’t let run free.

      • We live on a busy street so we always have them on a leash but I do envy those that can go to the park and have a dog that listens to them. 🙂

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