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Hunstanton’s land train.

As promised in my Britain’s wEaST coast post, here is the land train journey.

We’d decided earlier in the week, that if Sal and Jasp were allowed on the train, we would try the journey on it up to the lighthouse. So after making a few enquiries, it was a pleasant surprise to find that not only were they allowed to travel on it, but they could travel for free too.

We all stood eagerly at our nearest designated stop, one of four on the campsite, waiting for the train.

Childhood memories came flooding back, when I caught sight of the little yellow train as it came trundling around the corner, remembering a very similar land train that used to run up and down Hornsea sea front many years ago.

Once it had stopped, the guard jumped off the back, removed the chain across the gap, ready for us to step into our carriage.

We both helped Jasp up the step into the carriage as little Sal lept in, T and I then jump in, and we hand over our £4 for our round trip (£2 each). The guard, then clips the chain back across the gap, watched intently by both of us, as we didn’t want any escapees.

Once I was happy we were secure, I sat back to enjoy the journey and looked across at Jasp.

Well, this is where my hysterics started…………….somehow, Jasp had managed to reverse himself onto the seat, his bum was sitting on the seat, his rear legs were off the floor sticking straight out in front of him, with his front legs still on the floor. So there we were, trundling through the campsite, me trying to stand up on a very bumpy ride, howling with laughter, and trying to get Jasp back onto the floor.

Needless to say, all this commotion had attracted a lot of interest from all the other passengers who had all turned round to watch.

All this time, Jasp, is sitting there, nose in the air, watching the world go by, causing me to go into even more hysterics, and by now I was unable to speak or move.

The train started to slow, ready for the next pick up of passengers, and as it pulled to a halt, I had started to compose myself a bit, so I tried again to get Jasp onto the floor. Now, anyone who has a Pyrenean or Pyrenean cross, will know they are well know for being stubborn. Jasp was obviously very comfortable, and there was no way he was going to move.

We had started to become the object of everyones amusement again, with them all shouting, leave him alone, he’s comfortable, even the guard smiled as he walked past collecting more fares.

So, that’s where he stayed, eventually making himself even more comfortable as this video shows.


10 thoughts on “Hunstanton’s land train.

    • LOL, he certainly caused a lot of ammusement amongst the other passengers (or perhaps that was me ;-))
      And when we were going through the town, folk were pointing and laughing.

  1. Now, that is too funny, LOL My theory is that you can’t spoil an old dog. Or maybe that should say – you can’t spoil an old dog enough 🙂 Either way, good for Jasp! Glad he enjoyed the ride so well.
    thanks for sharing this smile! 🙂

    • Glad it raised a laugh. 😀
      I’m still laughing at the image of Jasp actually sitting with his bum on the seat, but in the struggle to get him off, while in total hysterics, I never got a photo.

  2. I love the way dogs like to look out of the window, or just outside in general and watch life. Even when there isn’t anything to watch they look so content. Good one Jasp. Did tell you it reminds me of the one that ran from Brid to Sewerby?

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