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The sky’s full of blackberries!

No, I’m not hallucinating on drugs, nor have I been eating magic mushrooms, but, yes, The Sky is full of blackberries πŸ™‚

The Sky, to anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, is an area of woods and fields about two or three minutes walk over the road from where I live, for anyone interested or even puzzled as why it is know as The Sky, have a read here.

It appears the UK summer has arrived, a little late I might add, but still very nice all the same, and the warmth from the sun, has at last started to turn the blackberries up the sky, from hard red to juicy black. πŸ™‚

When my daughters were young, we’d go brambling (don’t seem to hear that said these days), collecting bowls full of blackberries, so over the years I have made many a pie or crumble, even wine from this local crop.

A few years ago, T thought it would be a good idea to take Sal and Jasp brambling and they soon learnt to pick their own.Β So, unlike the days when there were four pairs of hand picking, it became two pairs of hands picking, and two mouths devouring.

This short video below is from Tuesday this week, Jasp has now decided it is far easier to have them picked for him, though it wasn’t too long ago, he was picking them as fast as little Sal.

Perhaps I’m in with a chance to get enough for a pie again πŸ™‚

Music is Blackberry Way by The Move.


28 thoughts on “The sky’s full of blackberries!

  1. Thank you so much. What a wonderful post πŸ™‚ I have never seen or heard of dogs eating blackberries let alone picking them. Sal is a very efficient picker. I had Rotties who would help themselves tomatoes from the garden on occasion, and a Cattle Dog who’d eat peeled (!) grapes. I loved the video – I must show it to the G.O.

  2. Thank you, it always makes me smile when I see them picking their own, so thought it might make others smile too.
    I’ve just had an image of your cattle dog, reclining on his back, holding out a paw for peeled grapes πŸ˜€
    I’ve grown tomatoes in the past, I’d have been rather miffed if Sal had helped herself to them at the speed she eats blackberries

  3. Pooooh!! the vid wouldn’t work!!!!! And the pic of little Sal was lovely – I did smile πŸ™‚

    Prince was wicked for eating food out of the garden. It was my fault. I would feed them veg and salad in the kitchen ‘crunchy crunchy’ and we all ate together, so naturally Prince (being clever) thought he might as well help himself and cut out the middle woman.

    Blackberry and apple pie. Or bramble pie. My father’s family put blackberries in Yks pudding.

    Will try the vid again later, or maybe just check out your youtube page?

    • It always surprises me what they both eat, they love fruit and veg, though Jasp does turn his nose up at oranges.
      I love the way dogs work things out, I can just imagine Princes brain ticking over πŸ™‚

  4. I used to pick blackberries along the road where I grew up. Our family’s trusty Great Dane would come along, but never ate any, so it never occurred to me that dogs might like them. Seeing is believing. Loved your video!

    • Thank you πŸ™‚
      I think brambling is part of growing up. As a child we ( my parents and I) would be out all day in the Yorkshire Dales, not with bowls, but buckets, my mum would then make jam as well as pies and crumbles.

  5. Now it’s worked. Stupid youtube. Little Sal looks so cute, and Jasp looks like Pippa patiently waiting to be fed.

    Great choice of music, sounds like Mott the Hoople, I should have looked it up an looked clever but that was the first band that came to mind. Why doesn’t the whole vid show on the page? is it because of the sidebar? one of your earlier vids did show in the total frame.

    • Thank you, I searched the net to find the tune, as I knew exactly what I wanted.
      It’s Blackberry Way by The Move, need to add that info to my post.
      Oh, I didn’t realise it wasn’t showing the whole vid, I can see it OK, though ive no idea why, unless it’s because I uploaded it.

      • I should have got that, I like Roy Wood and I knew that I knew the voice. Mind you I played it to A and he didn’t recognise it either πŸ˜€

        That vid is jinxed! I tried to play it again and it wouldn’t show the pix, although played the sound so I looked at it on youtube where it kept going back to the beginning. So I came back here where it was playing happily !!

        The good thing about the smaller size is that you can see all the text for the captions where you couldn’t before, and they really add to the vid.

        • It certainly is jinxed, I could remove the music, use one of their offered jingles, and it prob would be fine, but it was the tune that went through my mind as soon as I put the vid into iMovie.

          • Well it worked in the end ok this morning, so I wouldn’t worry too much, and it is a neat song for it πŸ™‚

            I do think Jasp waiting patiently for T to feed him is so cute while LS is foraging happily away.

  6. But are they really ripe? Ours are quite hard and tart. Tried the vid but you tube say no, not enabled for mobile device grrrrr, I will sneak into pickles room when she is not here and watch on my? Mac

    • Hmmm, I need to see what’s happening with You Tube, as roughseas had trouble with it too.
      Some are still quite tart and bullet like, the crop isn’t as good as last years.

            • I’m totally confused, but I think it is the music that has banned it from playing on a mobile device (probably because a mobile can move around freely still linked to it own country’s network).
              All the vids I’ve used music on have an ‘click here to accept it’s copyright music’, then a list of countries pop up where it will be banned, or a click here if you think the copyright claim is incorrect.
              UMG have banned this one in Germany.

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