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A day without (T)rain

Thursday 16th.

No rain today, and we both agreed the bus or rail passes needed to get out somewhere.

How about Worcester T suggests…………. yeah, good idea!!

Looking at the clock we realised we’d missed the bus at the top of the road, which would have given us a free journey, the next one wasn’t due for another two hours, so it looked like it was the rail passes lucky day.

So we jumped into the car for the short trip to Bromsgrove station, arriving at 13.00hrs, just in time to buy the tickets for the 13.10 to Worcester…………..or so we thought.

Being old and thick, we still haven’t fathomed out how to purchase two tickets at the same time, so, ladies before gentlemen, I tapped the requested route into the ticket machine, checking it carefully (yes, I’ve been caught out here before), I put my card into the machine…..

……please insert your pin…….please press enter………I wait patiently for the authorisation screen to appear, when suddenly, just as the card machine jumps into life and the ticket machine spits my tickets out…………….

…………..I hear a voice over the tannoy system “We are very sorry to announce, the 13.10 Birmingham to Hereford train (yes, this is our Worcester train) has been cancelled, due to a broken down freight train blocking the track, further trains may be delayed or cancelled”

WHAT!!!!!! I turn around to see T dancing around on the platform, pointing at me “ha ha, you’ve got a ticket and you’re not going anywhere”

“S’okay I said, I’ll get my money back”

To be confronted with “You tight Tyke, you’re never going to claim £2.95 back………….are you????……………you are aren’t you!”

He obviously knows me too well 🙂

“Well, we could always wait for the 14.10″, we haven’t any other plans” I said. So that is what we decided to do.

We got talking to other folk who were also waiting, it turns out, one lady had arrived for the 12.10 (which had been cancelled too), needed to get to Hereford. Now the only other way to get to Hereford, apart from by train, is by bus…………from Worcester………but first you’ve got to get to Worcester. Yes, there are buses from Bromsgrove to Worcester, but the rail and bus stations are about two miles apart.

After checkin the London Midland app on my iPhone, I noticed the 14.10 had departed Birmingham on time, yeah, our day out was on again…..or was it?

T, still hadn’t bought his ticket, but when we saw headlights in the distance coming down the track, I dashed over to the machine to purchase his for him.

Oh no!!, the headlight were from the broken down freight train, which was being pushed down the track by another engine.

I stood and watched container after container trundle past, now holding two rail tickets in my hand.

Eventually at 14.22, a train arrived and we jumped on for the short journey to Worcester.

Once in Worcester, waiting to cross the road, the Worcester Woosh bus (the one we decided not to catch, as we would have had to wait two hours for) went past and into the bus station.

LOL, we could have got there quicker, and for free, but instead, we’d watched the world go by (well nothing else was) at Bromsgrove station.

We ended up, walking along the river doing the same walk we did here, picking a few blackberries, then dashing back to the station for the train home.

This time though I had a camera as I’d recently bought a cheap, pocket size video camera, mainly as it was waterproof, and shockproof, and I wanted something pocket sized, for times on the beach and in the sea (and rain)

So I captured the day in motion.

Music is Drops of Jupiter – Train


8 thoughts on “A day without (T)rain

  1. Had to read this out to A it was too funny. You know you could always get up earlier and make sure you get the Whoosh to Worcester bus!

    Is this a youtube vid, because I couldn’t get it to play full screen, there was no linky in the corner as usually is? I think I’m missing the right part of the screen, and I even enlarged your blog to double check.

    Good thing you said what you were doing with the blacks or I would have been puzzled by T diving into the bushes. Swans, as ever, are lovely.

    • PS, I need to preface all my comments to everyone with ‘WP is not showing up my fave blogs on reader,’ and I thought I checked your blog daily anyway, but I guess I may have not done yesterday and if you posted it Friday night when I was asleep……

    • As always, it was a last minute impulse, so the earlier bus had gone before we’d even decided we were going.

      It is on YouTube, though I did reduce the quality before uploading it, so full screen probably wouldn’t look too good anyway.

  2. Hello Vicky,
    That was a great video … well edited too! Got a good chuckle at the ticket/train mess LOL.
    Like I said on RSitM, I’ve been MIA in the world of blogs. Just haven’t been able to focus neither on writing nor reading when it’s been this hot and humid as it has been [and will be in the ‘foreseeable future’]. We just got an unexpected downpour, so I guess I got my spirits up and read two blogs 😀

  3. Thank you Rebekah:-)
    I know what you mean about humidity, we had a few days last week, and I hated it. To have it week after week doesn’t bare thinking about.
    Hope the weather becomes fresher for you soon.

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