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What’s in your garden?

Summer is back. yeah!!!

I’ve spent a totally lazy day in the garden today, watching the bees merrily going about their work. 

The lavender bushes are a magnet for them. A perfect photo opportunity, I grabbed my camera, sat myself down on a chair and started snapping away.

One of the many bees that visited today.

I have another fifty bee photos, hmmm, a camera full of bees is a bit boring, I wonder what else I can take?

I’m not know for having green fingers, and it doesn’t help with the ground containing enough clay to start a pottery business, so, apart from the two pots of lavender and two pots of heathers, there’s little else in the garden.

Except my white rose……….

We’ve had this rose for years, and every year it produced masses of roses, right through into the winter.

It was originally in the front garden, but in preparation for the hard standing for the motorhome, sadly in march this year we had to dig it up.

Not holding much hope for it, as we’d had to cut off most of the roots to remove it, we replanted it in the back garden.

April, May and still no sign of life, we both agreed the move must have killed it, then suddenly we noticed some shoots on the stems. Gradually leaves appeared………………..

and today, there are three flowers, and at least thirty buds.

While I was taking the photo of the rose, I noticed this ladybird. Now I’ve never seen one with so many spots before, so I had to Google it.

I’m guessing it’s a Harlequin Ladybird from Asia.

They’ve only lived in Britain since 2004, and from the article above, they don’t appear to be a very welcome guest. 😮

There’s even a survey been done to check how far north they’ve invaded.


2 thoughts on “What’s in your garden?

  1. What lovely photos. (silly wp didn’t tell me you had posted new stuff huh). I am loving that white rose story 🙂 In fact I may steal your photo for my Yorkshire post on Clouds – only joking. Mmmm, you didn’t © it though…

    And the bee and the ladybird are superb. I guess this is another ‘you don’t need a dslr roughseas’ post?

    • Thank you 🙂
      Yes, WP is slacking in notifications lately.
      You’re welcome to the rose, if you want it for your Yorkshire post. I should have sprayed it with water first for better effect.

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