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Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement

A night shot of the movement of vehicles on the M5 motorway at its junction with the M42 motorway. None of the vehicles are visible, just their headlights and tail lights as the image was taken with a slow shutter speed.

The unusual orange squares on the left are an artics’ rear numberplate, lit by the car following it.

More movement, again on the M5 motorway, but just a dull rainy day this time.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement

  1. Oh! you beat me to it. Very impressive I must say. First shot is stunning. Real wow factor!! And I like the contrast with the second one too. Well chosen pix. Um, do I have any for that one? Pippa twirling round is what comes to mind 😀


  3. These are really great movement shots! After I’d posted, several other pictures came to mind. The spinning Christmas tree, I’d already ‘used up’ so to speak 😀

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