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I’m British, so I can………….

………….talk about the weather, that is.

According to this article, the Brits are more likely to strike up a conversation about the weather with a stranger, than most other topics.

So, hello all you strangers, and not so strange(rs), we’ve certainly had our fair share of crap weather recently 😦

My daughter did remark on how clean everything looks, well, what would you expect when we have had more or less continuous rain for the last two weeks.

This recent storm caused havoc in the town centre, with streets being flooded and a wall collapsing.

I’ve just spoken to my mum in Yorkshire this morning, she lives in an old Victorian house with a cellar, which has now got two inches on water lapping at the bottom step. In the cellar, is her washing machine and fridge freezer, so she is frantically trying to find some sandbags to keep the water away. Her next door neighbour has recently had his cellar re-vamped and a brand new kitchen fitted down there, but this is now flooded too.

She’s lived there many years, and some of her neighbours even longer, and they are all saying they’ve never known anything like it before.

Is the world really coming to an end, it must feel like it to some 😯

On a different note, T has just asked if I fancied doing anything. “Huh, in this weather” I replied

“Well, we could go and sit in the motorhome, and pretend we’re on holiday” he said 🙄


3 thoughts on “I’m British, so I can………….

  1. Loved that vid and the noise of the rain – send some here please. And the mayan link – nah, don’t believe it.
    I used to think the Brits were amazing about weather convos – until I moved to spain. They will talk about the variations in hot weather like you would not believe.

    I think holidaying in the MH on the drive sounds good 😉

    • Wish I could send you some rain. I can’t believe I haven’t even been out of the house today, as T took the dogs out.
      I also wish I had the chance to talk about hot weather, Whitby is a distant memory now 😦

  2. Ominous looking skies in the first photo! Personally, I think that about Brits and talking weather is a myth. We talk about it just as much in Sweden and Canada — the two countries I have any experience with.
    Loved the video with the sound… We have hot and humid weather, but so far it isn’t the worst summer here. The first one we lived here was the worst. Still …. I’ve lost all my good feelings I used to have about Summer.

    Speaking of water in the basement — we had that every Spring and often Fall, in the house we lived in, in Quebec.There was a little river … more like a brook, outside the house, but in the Spring it became a raging torrent. It was a tiresome situation.

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