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A golden oldie in my midst

30th June, and the Worcestershire Woofers were having a charity fun dog show.

Earlier this year Ina, a good friend of mine had adopted Benny from The Evesham greyhound & lurcher rescue, and as they were having a stand at the show, she wanted to pop along to let them see what a handsome chap he’d grown into.

Benny and his litter mates had been rescued, at the aged of four weeks, hairless and covered in mange, it was touch and go whether they’d survived, but with plenty of TLC they pulled through, and Ina adopted him aged twelve weeks.

I’d decided just to take Sal along to the show, Jaspers’ arthritis was playing up, and he was quite happy staying with T and just chilling in the garden.

We arrived at the show, just a small concern, unlike the big Dogs Trust ones, that Jasper had attended in the past. There were all sorts of fun classes, best puppy, handsome dog and prettiest bitch, best six legs, best rescue etc. all costing £1 with the proceeds going to the rescue.

Ina had entered Benny into the handsome dog, and best rescue classes, to which he got a fourth in the quite large handsome dog class.

The weather was kind, and Sal and I sat on the straw bales, watching the classes. Benny is behind Sal in this pic.

I hadn’t though about entering Sal into any of the classes, until Ina suggested the ‘golden oldie’ class for dogs over seven years old. So I paid my pound and we joined several other oldies (dogs and owners).

A fifteen year old Sheltie got the 1st, and ……………….

Sal, my little ‘golden oldie’ got a second.

The show was held at Wickhamford Sports & Social club, in a rather aptly named close.

Sal, posing with her rosette in ‘her’ close.


5 thoughts on “A golden oldie in my midst

  1. Yay!! That’s lovely. Well done Sal. I was thinking when I looked at her on the hay bales, aw, she’s gorgeous, why don’t you enter her for something? And Ina obviously thought the same. And she even looks golden too! If we took Pippa to something like that he would be wanting to jump on all the lovely females 😀 And well done to Benny too 🙂 He’s looking in very good nick in that top pic.

  2. Sneaky, here’s me thinking you were texting!! But thanks for coming with me and well done Sally. Of course I think Benny was the handsomest dog there (we were robbed) and Sally would have got first if the sheltie hadn’t been the oldest,( but still a deserving winner) But not bad at 9 months old against fully grown up dogs to be fourth out of all the class. Wait until next year we’ll thrash them!!
    Thanks Pippas mom, Pippa’s a handsome chap too!

  3. Thank you. That means a lot! Wherever I go people admire him and say what a little stunner he is, I think he is but then I’m ever so slightly biased.

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