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A thank you with flowers

The week before we went to Devon, my neighbours had been away on holiday.

They have a lovely friendly cat named Freddie, and I’d been looking after him while they were away.

Well, on Saturday my neighbour knocked on my door, armed with a bunch of flowers to say thank you.

I’m not one for bouquets, I can never display them to their advantage, so they always looks too cluttered, plus they make such a mess, and I much prefer to see flowers growing in a garden.

I thanked her, walked into the kitchen and lay them on the work surface, while I rummaged in my cupboards to find my obligatory vase for such occasions.

I hadn’t really took much notice of what they were, so when I unwrapped them I was pleasantly surprised to see there was just a few lilies, which wouldn’t need much arranging.

I filled the vase with water, and popping the lilies into the water, carried them over to my dining table.

WOW! oh! WOW! They looked stunning.

I felt really embarrassed at the ‘oh no, not bloody flowers’ that had gone through my mind when she’d handed me them, I’d never expected anything for looking after Freddie, he’s a little gem of a cat, and I enjoy doing it.

Probably not arranged as they should be, but I just had to take some pics of them.

So thank you Freddies’ mum 🙂


9 thoughts on “A thank you with flowers

  1. I love lilies … in all the shapes and colours they come in! These were gorgeous..

    I’ve had the same feelings about flower bouquets too — I find they’re more beautiful where they grow naturally, and it’s often such a waste of money 🙂

  2. They are beautiful, but like you and Reb I have mixed views. I did spend a few years when I totally refused to buy cut flowers at all, but then I succumbed again. I have to say I do like receiving them. ‘Where are my birthday flowers?’ I asked on Sunday. ‘Couldn’t fit them on the bike,’ he answered 😀

    When we (he) looked after neighbours’ cats and rabbits they invariably bought bottles of red wine. Like you, it wasn’t necessary at all but it was a nice gesture. As A is a beer person I ended up with the wine anyway.

    Another radiator shot I see. And love your mirror. You even managed a partial self-portrait!

    • LOL 😆 Mrs eagle eyes. I thought I was too blurred to be seen 😉
      We’ve a radiator in every room apart from the loo and the kitchen (which we had removed)
      The mirror belonged to my nan. I’d always liked it, so when she died in 1976, and left Gerald all the contents of her house, he asked me if there was anything I would like, to which I replied, yes please, the mirror. 🙂

          • Interesting the frame for the mirror looks remarkably like the one I chose for G’s pic, except obv mine is smaller. But dark wood with a narrow gold inset. Another spooky coincidence.

              • Your Landy ones are light though 🙂 I picked my dark frame for the G pic because it matched the furniture (:D) and also because I thought it highlighted the colouring. I’ve got a couple more pix to frame, one to reframe so I’ll try and get that as close to the original but the other is a Hockney poster, and I’m not sure about that yet so haven’t taken it in. I might send you a pic see what you think?

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