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Weekly photo challenge-Close

Sally & Jasper.

Two rescue dogs from different rescue centres, adopted two years apart, who have become very close to each other.


5 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge-Close

  1. That’s lovely. Can’t think of any of ours that have snuggled up like that together, although Pippa did like Princey and they would like at the gate together.

    Laughing at the radiator behind – years since I’ve seen one!!

    • How nice to be able to survive without radiators.
      Would you believe I had them on yesterday, the house was really cod when I got back, though I did have washing to dry too.

  2. Ahhh, we used to have a greyhound and a border collie cross with who knows what, the collie would curl up inside the greyhounds legs making one huge ball !

    Lovely pic. :0

    • Aww, I bet they looked so sweet.
      Either Jaspers legs arent long enough, or his belly is too big, otherwise I think Sal would do the same

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