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A wet Jubilee Sunday

June 3rd and the UK is in full Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Looking out of my window, the rain is constant and heavy, leaving great puddles in the road outside.

I flicked on the TV to see the flotilla of boats heading along the River Thames, hhmmm, at least the weather looked a bit better down that way, and the weather forecast I’d heard for Scotland was sunny. Lucky lot, I thought to myself, as I prepared the dogs for a walk in the continuing downpour.

Walking past the few houses that had taken time to hang out the bunting and were flying the union flag.

I started thinking about how different it had all looked for the Silver Jubilee of 1977, when all the house were decked out in red white and blue (sorry it’s in black & white), the local road had been closed for the well organised street party to take place, and best of all, the sun was shining. I’m there somewhere 😉

Yes, it was perhaps a good idea nothing had been organised this time. The bunting, was soggy and stuck together in the wet, the flags were wrapped around the poles, unable to fly with the weight of the rain. What a sorry sight!!

Did I do anything for the rest of the day? Nah!, well, apart from taking the dogs out once more in the downpour 😦

Yesterday, I found this weather forecast in the paper. Reading the list of extremes from the past week, I notice the wettest in the UK for Sunday (3rd) was Astwood Bank, Worcestershire. Ha! as Astwood Bank is less than a mile away from my house, I think I already knew that 😆

The slide show below, has a couple of other pics from 25th celebrations.

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9 thoughts on “A wet Jubilee Sunday

  1. How very unfortunate that the weather didn’t cooperate 🙂 Last summer, our princess Victoria got married, which of course was a big deal, and a ride both in some type of chariot and a boat around the city. Rain there, would have been devastating, but it was bright and sunny. I watched it on the computer ‘live’.
    I spent almost two weeks in England 1983, and had one afternoon of rain. It wasn’t much either. I’d expected to see fog and rain, but it was brilliant the whole time!

      • I was almost ‘disappointed’… had expected to see some serious fog in London … take a walk in the fog on the Embankment and all that 😉

  2. Found you straight away. At least your neighbours celebrated then if not this time more than my neighbours ever did, just another ordinary day to them! Nice to look back and remember.

    • Did you spot T holding Deb, just to my left, and Shell front right of pic, in wellies?
      Yeah, this year was a bit of a damp squib altogether, wasn’t it?

      By the way, you need to update your blog 😉 at least with Benny pics anyway 🙂

  3. Failed miserably to find you, but found Shell after reading the above 😀

    At first I thought this was a mega celebration pic for this year’s jubilee celebs, that you had atmospherically b&w’ed. The I discovered it was a 35 year old pic 😀

    Jubilees are not my thing, but we did make the effort here. We’ve got the Wessexes here right now but I’ve not spotted them in the opticians, Saccarellos coffee shop, or the Moroccan veg shop – which was my outing for the day so I doubt I will get to waving at them now as they leave tomorrow 😀

    • From Shell, I’m almost directly three heads straight back. My left arm is waving, to my left is Debs( face is obscured by someones hand) who is being held by T(black hair) who is on the edge.

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