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The modest oak update

Earlier this year I wrote on my blog about a very modest oak tree, that was still donning its autumn leaves in March, asking the question why?

Pix and Kardz  replied, explaining the probable reasons behind this, and also giving me a link, to what I thought was an unusual phenomenon, but apparently oak trees quite often retain their leaves, until the spring when the new buds arrive.

I promised P&K an update picture as the tree became less modest. So here, in it’s slightly naked, but with green shoots, is the Modest Oak.

Still rather slow in producing leaves compared to other oaks in the area, but definite signs of re growth.

Last year volunteers were clearing away dead wood, and mowing areas to make footpaths, in this wasteland fondly know as ‘The Sky’  it was also given a name, the Hunt End Conservation area. A shame really, if only they’d asked the local children, The Sky sounds far more exciting.

Just recently the volunteers have been back, tidying the area and grass cutting again, it all looks very smart now, and a very rustic looking bench has appeared. A far cry from the tall grassed, bramble ridden area of years ago.

This was my retreat, where I escaped with the various dogs I’ve owned over the years, yes, it’s still a very nice place, but is it moving in the right direction? I’m not sure!


6 thoughts on “The modest oak update

  1. thank you for sharing this, Vicky. what a beautiful tree.
    i think you can safely call it ‘The Sky’ and be in the right, imsho.
    we have a local park which was actually a rock quarry converted into one of Vancouver’s gems – Queen Elizabeth Park. it was called Little Mountain by the locals beforehand, and as much as it was an honour to be renamed by one of its most auspicious visitors ever to set foot on the place, the locals still call it Little Mountain. 🙂
    anyhow, thank you again – also for the link 🙂

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