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Oh dear!!

Slight sidetrack from my usual type of post, but something that has rung alarm bells with me:

Yesterday I turned on the TV to watch the final of Britain’s got Talent, mainly because I wanted to watch the amazing young couple Jonathan and Charlotte singing.

Another act caught my eye. Ashleigh and Pudsey, a seventeen year old girl and her six year old dancing dog. Ashleigh and Pudsey were well liked by the judges, one, a well know dog lover, who is involved in many dog charities, also mentioned one of the charities he’s involved in.

Wow! was Pudsey a rescue dog too?

I started to Google for information.

Pudsey, a border collie, bichon frise, chinese crested crossbreed had been a gift for Ashleighs eleventh birthday, ok, so he was a puppy, but he could still have come from a rescue centre, an unwanted pup, the result of a mishap somewhere.

Pudsey was Ashleighs best friend, they did everything together, he’d once jumped on the work surface and had stolen some food…… Aww, I was getting lovely images of a little girl and her dog against the world. I continued to read, but this idyllic image of a little girl makes good with the love of her life, started to fade rather quick.

Ashleigh also owns Buffy a bichon frise, who is Pudseys’ mother. Ashleigh and her mum are heavily into agility and freestyle, travelling the length and breadth of the country to attend all the big shows. I’ve nothing against these activities, a lot of dogs really do enjoy it, and a spot of inter-club competition can be good fun, but there is certainly no need for the long distance travelling on a regular basis, as I’m sure the dogs don’t enjoy that.

The family also own three border collies…. and…………yes, a chinese crested. Now it doesn’t take much imagination to work out how Pudsey came about, and to me it’s all starting to look very much like Pudsey is a designer dog, his purpose in life planned well before his birth.

Ashleigh and Pudsey won the competition, and this has started alarm bells ringing in my head.

How many mums and dads are now responding to the ‘I want’ from their offspring, and are frantically searching for their very own Pudsey. Worse still, how many breeders are going to jump on the bandwagon and start breeding this designer dog for the demand that is sure to happen.
But my biggest worry is how many ‘Pudseys’ that don’t quite make the grade, will end up in rescue centres, or worse still on the streets?

Ashleigh was quoted as saying ‘I want Pudsey to dance with Robert Pattinson’

I wonder if Pudsey wants to!!


4 thoughts on “Oh dear!!

  1. What you describe is the whole “I want” thing descended into madness… and sadly I don’t think this is an isolated incident; high profile and unusual but just another in along line of people amusing themselves and/or seeking fame and fortune at something else’s expense. It just goes to prove anything can be commoditised: products, animals and people. Being yourself is never enough for some… Sadly, I don’t know there is a solution but your post really & truly illustrates the ridiculous lengths some people will go to. Poor Pudsey, and maybe poor Ashleigh.

    • Oh ED, you’ve hit the nail on the head there with your words: ‘Being yourself is never enough for some’

      I will admit I haven’t heard much about them since the show, but I guess poor Pudsey is still tramping up and down the country somewhere, fuelling the family’s ego.

      On a different note, Jonathan and Charlotte have had an excellent album released recently.

      And a different note altogether, I was totally confused as to why you were the only reply on a blog post from earlier this year that others had replied on, but it appears WP have suddenly decided to post it twice. Not only am I not getting notification in ‘reader’ of the blogs I’m following, they’ve decided to double post one of my blogs now!!

  2. It is odd, I had no idea this wasn’t a current post – when I click on it, there’s no date… Maybe for some mysterious reason, known only to them, your post has further significance… or maybe they have someone on work experience again 😉

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