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Military precision

Another one of our planned trips, this time to Cosford Air Museum, which is about forty miles from home.

We’d recently seen it mentioned on the local news, and thought it would make a good day out, so I checked the website for opening times.

Perfect! open 10.00hrs until 18.00hrs, a short drive up the motorway system, we’d be there. I continued to read further, “hey, it’s free entry too” I shouted down to T “we’ve only to pay for the parking”, which at a maximum of £3.50 for up to eight hours, seemed perfectly reasonable.

I read further down the page……..at the various other means of getting there:

By air *? – not having a plane or grown any wings yet, that would prove a tad difficult. Bus? – not really an option if we wanted to get there the same day. Cycle? – certainly not an option if we (I) wanted to get there at all and…………RAIL? – Yeah!!!!! “T, T, come here quick”- we can use our rail passes!!!!! he ambles upstairs, and we continue to read the information…….could this get any better???

‘To thank you for taking the greener option, all train users will receive a free tea, coffee or small soft drink in our restaurant or café when they present a completed drinks voucher along with a valid train ticket’………. I noticed that cyclists would also be offered a free drink, perhaps they had to show a cycle clip 😉

Our carefully laid plans were put together ready for the day out. Free bus pass journey to our local rail station, ten minute wait for the train to Birmingham New Street, then we had a slight disagreement, we would either arrive in Birmingham with two minutes or thirty two minutes to get on the Shrewsbury train to Cosford. T was adamant it was possible to get off the train, run (yes that would mean demented running again) up the long flight of steps, the full length of the concourse and down the steps onto the other platform in two minutes. I declined the offer of embarrassing myself, so we chose the thirty two minute wait 🙂

On arrival at Cosford station, we had a very pleasant half mile walk to the museum.

The entrance to the museum.

One of the outside exhibits, a Bristol Britannia?

A natural flyer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were three hangers full of planes from various era. which are in the slideshow above. I hope I’ve named them all correctly.

I can highly recommend this museum, it is certainly worth a visit.

* You may have wondered why I starred ‘by air’, well many years ago, when some friends and I were going on our first ever plane flight, the travel agent asked us what name it was booked under, we told her, then she asked, is it Bywater, unknown to me, she obviously hadn’t heard us and was asking if our name was Bywater, as I promptly said “no by air” 😆 😆 My friends totally cracked up, in front of the very stern faced travel agent, who thought we were a bunch of unruly teenagers. 😆 To this day, I still laugh about it.


11 thoughts on “Military precision

  1. Oooh! I’m pleased you posted this. I came shooting over for a look after I had closed the sandwich bar and despatched the worker, even putting off my return to bed(technically mat). Looks a great day out, even better to be able to get there by public transport and get a free drink afterwards. Only improvement there would have been including Peroni….

    Looks like the rain held off enough for you to wander around the outside exhibits too and not get soaked on the station walk. Maybe cyclists would have their gloves and helments? And Lycra? Seriously it’s a good gesture – whether or not it would make any difference to committed car users is another matter. Such a less stressful way to travel too.

    I like the lines of the tornado. We see those here and something else with a similar name. They should have a RAF museum here in Gib seeing as the airport is actually RAF Gibraltar. That would be good. I must suggest it to the government. Makes more sense than building an expensive new air terminal. I am digressing.

    I’ve done the Birmingham exchange thing. For some reason, the train you want is ALWAYS at the other end of the station. And the carriage you are in stops as far from the escalator/steps as possible. I’ve also managed to get on the wrong train at Birmingham too….. How long did it take you to get there in total? A couple of hours?

    • Sandwich bar 😆 you do make me laugh. Mmm, a Peroni would have made the day perfect.

      Yes, it was two hours from our doorstep to the museum entrance, but as T and I were saying, it’s all part of the day out, and as you say, definitely far less stressful.

      It must have taken some military planning to get all the planes in there, the hangers were literally full to the roof, fantastic to look at, but photography was difficult to single any one out.

      There was a fabulous shop with prints in, one of Lancaster bombers against a sunset, but I resisted the temptation.

      New Street station is a nightmare, it’s so busy, with so many trains sharing the same platform, quite easy to get on the wrong one. Our train home, shared a platform with one en route to Penzance, different livery, otherwise I could easily have got on it……………..hmm, second thoughts………

      • Lol! Penzance would be nice 🙂 But yes, I was going somewhere near Cheltenham at the time, and oh! it might have been a Penzance train I jumped on. And jumped off as it was moving. Not allowed these days of course. Might snap a finger nail.

        I think I would have bought one!

        Photos worked out pretty well, bit like the romería you captured the effect beautifully.

        Opened the sandwich bar the other day when A and P went out, finished the sarnies, and the salad, made the tea and snuck back into bed before they returned and pretended I hadn’t done anything and refused to get up. Too funny. Well to fossils maybe.

  2. Your not a fan of RedBull then?

    Looks like a brilliant day out, and free too what more could you need from an adventure. Think one of those Britannia’s used to be operated by British Midland Airways, back in the day. I wasn’t veggie then and had the best cooked breakfast ever on an airplane. Sausage bacon eggs etc etc etc all cooked in the galley during the flight from Belfast to Heathrow!

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