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We went to Clent

After a couple of days visiting the rivers of the area, we thought it was about time we went up a bit higher again. Walking on the hills is something that always lifts my spirits, which have certainly got a little wet lately. So Friday, we decided to take the dogs for a walk on the Clent Hills.

The Clents are just over 13 miles north west from home. The Malverns can easily be seen from the top, and on a clear day, stunning views can be had of the Cotswolds and even as far away as the Black Mountains of Wales.

I never seem to visit the Clents as often as the other hills local to us, being on the outskirts of Birmingham and The Black Country, it’s been known to get quite crowded up there on a warm sunny day, but venturing up there on an overcast weekday, I found myself asking why I didn’t do it more often.

We parked the motor just under the tree, and started to climb to the top. A rather nice motor was parked there too.

Jasper struggled quite a bit, but a smile appeared on his face once the ground levelled out.

There are four standing stones at the top, the relics of a mysterious past? sadly not, they were erected in the 18th century by Lord Lyttelton of Hagley Hall, as a folly.

There were masses of bluebells covering the slopes, this photo just doesn’t do them justice.

T playing chase with Sal and Jasp.

Yes! I really must make more effort to visit these hills.

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3 thoughts on “We went to Clent

  1. what a beautiful place. those four stones put up by Lord Lyttelton of Hagley Hall as a folly reminds me of some old Roman and Greek-style ‘ruins’ which were built as such by some eccentric German nobleman around the same time. Don’t remember the details. Had forgotten all about them. Must look it up!
    all those bluebells – that must have been beautiful to be there. and both J & S look like they had lots of fun, too. thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you P&K.
      How interesting there are follies in Germany too, I thought it was just an eccentric British thing, as there are plenty of different follies in the UK.
      Hope you manage to find the info, I’d be interested to read/see it. 🙂

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