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Wander to Warwick

Since going up and down to Upton, our pride and joy, and second home, has been standing rather idly on the drive, not that we’ve had much inkling to take it anywhere though, as it has rained almost non stop since we returned home at the beginning of April.

“Where do you fancy going fossil?”, T asks, as I’m standing looking out of the raindrop free window, in total disbelief at the shadows cast by the motorhome, from the hazy sunshine outside. “Do you fancy going somewhere for a cup of tea?” This may appear rather an odd thing to do, as we do have tea making facilities at home 😉 but there is something rather nice about going out somewhere and being totally self sufficient.

Grabbing some milk out of the fridge, and our waterproof coats (just in case), we jumped into the van and set off. First port of call was the local supermarket, to check the tyres and get some diesel. After filling up and paying for the fuel, I noticed T walking towards me, spitting on his hands, rubbing them together and smelling them, as he climbs in, he moans, “I stink of diesel” ………Ha ha, laughing, I asked him why he didn’t wash them in the bathroom 😆

We decided we’d go to Warwick for our cuppa. Parking up on a car park by the River Avon, we wandered across to see how fast it was flowing.

The main road bridge. Considering all the rain we’ve had, the river wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, though it still looked quite full.

A local resident cruising past.

Standing on the bridge in the first photo, and looking in the same direction, there is a magnificent view of Warwick Castle. This medieval castle was built by William the Conqueror in 1068.

Walking through the town,we passed the Lord Leycester Hospital (shame about the picturesque roadwork signs). This has never been a hospital……

…………..but a retirement home for ex servicemen and their wives.

An Olde Sweet Shoppe and a Stationers, just two of the many old shops in the town centre.

Walking around the corner we called into the wonderful museum, which was bursting at the seams with information and exhibits. The whole downstairs area was full of many amazing locally found fossils from the time when the area was underwater (with the rain we’ve had lately, I think we could be heading back to those times ;-)). There were two more rooms upstairs, one filled with exhibits of British wildlife, and the other with the history of man, complete with archeological finds dating back to the Stone Age.

We later called into a rather more modern establishment, bought a couple of cakes, and took them back to the van to have with our cuppa, before setting off on the eighteen miles back home.

11 thoughts on “Wander to Warwick

    • It’s certainly worth a visit, especially if you like old architecture. The castle is supposed to be amazing, though I’ve never been round it as its quite expensive. 😦

  1. I’ve been to the castle ner ner ner ner ner. Don’t remember it though as was only a little roughseas at the time. Young I should say, as I’ve always been tall. That swan is magnificent. Beautiful photo Vicky. The buildings are lovely too, but the swan steals the show – was he so close, did you zoom or what? There is no shake or blur or anything (which is what would have happened with me :D)

    • Both my girls have been round the castle, while at school, and with my parents. Perhaps one day I’ll relent and pay the £15+ cost 😉
      Thank you for your compliments on the swan pic. I was quite close, but I took it with my Canon Ixus, which only has a 3X zoom, so a little cropping was needed too.

        • Make sure it’s only set on optical zoom, the digital zoom is a complete waste of space on any camera, all it does is mimic putting a magnifying glass over your photo, which can be done just as easily on a computer by cropping. 🙂

          • Thanks, I do remember reading about that years ago, I suspect I really need to plough through the manual yet again and find out how to do that!! That could make a difference, thanks V, 🙂

  2. Great to see Warwick even in the damp as a fav town of mine – once visited it often especially when I had visitors as the castles setting is so impressive.
    Last did the grand tour @ Christmas – it was an expensive freebie as my mother & I were spending the holiday @ a hotel in Leamington Spa – the Castle was decorated seasonally, Victorian style, mulled wine & mince pies were served, carols sUng – it was how one liked to imagine Christmas once was before it’s commercialised.

    And the swan is magnificent – great shot, but had to smile @ you & Kate talking techy camera stuff as do all my shots with a small digital!

    • Glad to bring back some happy memories for you.
      I’ve seen those Christmas events advertised, and often thought how good it would be.
      Techy stuff? All those pics were only taken with a pocket size digital.

  3. what a beautiful place! i agree with K on the swan, a striking image. i also like the view of the bridge, and the beautiful sweet shoppe and the stationery shop. you are rich with architecture like i can only dream of – or see when i am on your side of the Atlantic.
    thanks for sharing!

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