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Where are they all now?

Following on from yesterdays post about Bridlington and my Uncle, here are a few wonderful photographs we found in his bungalow.

All my childhood holidays were spent at a little seaside resort called Hornsea. My grandparents lived there, and at the start of the school holidays my parents and I would take that amazing journey by steam engine from Leeds to Hornsea for our summer holidays. My parents holiday lasted two weeks, but mine was the whole summer.

My maternal grandfather was a photographer, so I have literally hundreds of photographs of me from those halcyon days. Apart from having a portrait studio (where every new film was tested on me) he also supplied photographs for the holiday postcards of Hornsea, and for the local newspaper of the many garden fetes of that era.

Imagine my excitement while at my Uncles’ when I found these few photographs. I think the first three photos were taken for the postcards. a little before my time, but certainly not by much, as everything is exactly as I remember it.

Looking north along the promenade. The Floral Hall is on the left, with a bowling green to the front. I always thought this was a very posh place, with lots of well dressed ladies sipping their tea from china cups, while watching the gents play bowls.

Looking south, The Marine Hotel on the headland is in the distance. The Floral Hall is the building to the right.

Looking north again. This photo was taken at the end of the promenade in the first photo.

Things haven’t changed much at all. This photo was taken in June 2011(mid summer LOL) when we paid a visit. The Marine Hotel in the distance, and the end of the promenade just visible above the line of breakwaters.

Most of my holiday was spent on the beach, it never seamed to rain in those days. I’m on the right, checking my shrimp net, Peter, the boy looking into the camera lived next door to my grandparents and was my ‘boyfriend’. Janet to his right, and her sister Phillipa to my right emigrated to Australia. I wonder where they all are now?

Finally, a photograph of my Uncle, he’s on the right, a volunteer on Bridlington inshore lifeboat.


4 thoughts on “Where are they all now?

  1. Loving the old stuff here too. I was expecting you to have added some postcard style text saying ‘Hornsea promenade’ or whatever. How odd on that first one, it so reminds me of Brid. Guess they were both flat.

    I can’t believe how busy the beach was!! The days before foreign package holidays eh?

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