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Where’s the drought?

My mum needed to make a trip to Bridlington to collect a few items left to her by her brother, my Uncle Gerald. She doesn’t drive, and  there were a few bulky items, so the best option was for me to take her there. This meant a round trip of over 450 miles, so I drove up Tuesday, Brid and back Wednesday, then back home today.

The journey up on Tuesday was uneventful…….well almost!!

Picture a nice sunny day, a fairly quiet M1 motorway, all the motorists happily on their journey to wherever, I’m in the middle lane overtaking an artic, when a black sports car appears in the outside lane, I expected it to speed past as fast as it had appeared, but oh no, the driver decides she want to come off at the approaching junction, and oblivious to everyone around her, she does just that, cutting diagonally across in front of me and the truck.

Side by side with a bowing truck is not the most welcoming place to be. So stupid blonde idiot woman in black sports car, thank you for giving me an adrenaline rush……and a few more grey hairs!!!!!!!!!

After such a glorious days’ weather on Tuesday, I was hoping for the same on Wednesday for our trip to Brid, I’d taken my camera, with the intention of getting a few pics of the sunny Yorkshire coast I remember from my childhood. Mother Nature had decided otherwise though and blessed us with so much rain than many of the fields we passed were under water. We did at least have an uneventful journey this time, thank goodness.

Not to be defeated by the weather, after loading my motor with my mums acquisitions, we drove down to the sea front.

A very deserted sea front, this is a view north to Flamborough Head, just about visible through the rain.

Taken from almost the same spot, but looking south to the harbour. Just a few hardy dog walkers on the beach.

After taking these two pics, I ran back to my motor, on jumping in, rain running off my hair and dripping off my nose, my mum announces, ‘oh dear, you look a little bit wet’

Hmmm, no comment!!

Next stop, a few yards down the road was the harbour, in normal conditions, I would have parked my motor somewhere, and walked along the front, taking pics as I went along, but this wasn’t a day for a pleasant stroll, it was ‘dash out of motor, take pic, dash back to motor’

However hard I tried to keep my lens clear, I’m afraid the rain won as can be seen quite noticeably in all the photos.

Back into the motor again, drive a bit further along out again for more pics, this time of the boating lake, these can be seen in the slideshow below.

All that rain has certainly filled the sea up 😉

Moving away from the sea front, we then went into Brid Old Town. I wanted to take a few pics here as my Uncle had done some beautiful paintings of this area. His painting of this pic is here.

Much to my mums relief, I call it a day with my camera, and we head off back home.

Thursday lunchtime, after waiting an hour or so for the intermittent showers (showers eh??????) to ease, which incidentally they didn’t, I leave for my journey back to the Midlands.

After driving through what resembled a car wash for three hours and being mesmerised by my wiper blades I’m back home.

Don’t talk to me about drought conditions!!!

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9 thoughts on “Where’s the drought?

  1. some great clicks here! even despite the rain – or perhaps because of it. that ‘rough north sea’ image is striking!
    if it is any consolation, it is raining today here as well 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 I was trying to capture the wave at its height, but without much luck 😦 and I was getting too wet in the process.
      It’s times like this when I miss the instantaneous DSLR.

  2. At least the drizzle made your picturesmore atmospheric and no untidy crowds of people to spoil the view.

    I think I met that bimbo once, only she didn’t slow down 😉

      • No, not really just gasps of dispair at the sheer anger and stupidity. Yesterday I queued in the rain for the train, it came in and a guy, who ran down the platform from the dry of the canopy and lept on between my colleague and I who had waited in the rain with our bicycles. Same thing, I am more important than you, when challenged he had no understanding of why I might be miffed. Hey ho, another day in paradise.

  3. I’m not fond of sleepy HGV drivers when they edge towards us, in the passenger seat I would be the one to get hit first, which accounts for my paranoia.

    I can’t say I like that new paving on the promenade. I don’t know why they change things in Brid. It was perfectly all right as it was 40 odd years ago. And that vile new bridge thing they put over the harbour so idle holidaymakers didn’t have to walk around. Dear dear dear. But I do like the photos 🙂

    I may do the falling in post today 😉

  4. Oh, the truck driver wasn’t at fault, his truck suspension caused the cab to bow as we both braked to allow this stupid ‘I have a sports car, so I can do anything’ woman cut across us. I dread to think of the consequences if I’d been a cars length further past the truck.
    I can’t remember the old promenade, but as I’ve said on other post, why not restore instead on replace.
    Let me know when you do your falling post, and I’ll alter a few words above to link to it 🙂

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