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If at 1st you don’t succeed …….

Bus pass time again!!

Operation ‘First to Kiddy’, that failed miserably on our last mission, was on again. After waiting patiently at our local bus stop for the 13.14hrs (one whole hour earlier than our previous attempt), the number 56 bus arrived 11 minutes late, leaving us 10 minutes to get the X3 to Kidderminster. There was a distinct feeling of deja vu as the bus trundled down to the bus station, we discussed what we would do if our 2nd attempt failed. Another spaghetti spoon perhaps?

We planned our escape off the bus like a military operation. On nearing the bus station, time 13.33hrs we would stay on the bus all the way into the station, to hopefully catch the 13.35hrs X3 before it departed. Any later than this, we would jump off at the last stop before the station, run down the road and round the corner to the first stop for the X3.

I’m sat, eyes glued to my phone, watching the minutes tick by, just as we are approaching the final stop, the time ticks over to 13.34hrs, ‘QUICK, GET UP, WE’VE GOT TO GET OFF,!!!’, I shouted at T, acting like a couple of naughty school kids, we ran to the door and jumped off. What the passengers must have though, I dread to think, I just hope they weren’t the same ones on the bus as last time otherwise I can see the headlines now, ‘bus pass loonies seen in the town centre again’

Five minutes later, the X3, which ironically was late leaving the station, pulls up and we sedately step on. 40 minutes later we’re in Kidderminster.

Kiddy is not a town I’ve visited before, I was hoping it would be full of history from the carpet industry for which it is famous, but I was very disappointed to find it pedestrianised with a miss match of shops. In my mind a town with its heart and soul removed. We didn’t stay long.

Just out of the town centre is the well known Severn Valley Steam Railway which runs from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth, I’ve been here many times, and never tire of it, so this seemed a far better option to have a meander round, so off we set.

The entrance to the steam railway station. Just to the left in this photo, is the entrance to the modern railway station, where intercity express trains speed past.

Walk in through the main entrance and it’s like stepping back in time.

Brintons carpet samples, bound for Brisbane. The Brinton family first started making carpets in Kidderminster in the late 18th century.

There is a small railway museum which is filled with hundreds of amazing relics from days gone by.

This engine has recently been restored, dating from 1918, I overheard someone say it’s the oldest engine running on the Severn Valley Railway.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few more images from the station. The interior of the carriage, brings back memories of my childhood journeys.

This step back in time really made the day, and homeward bound on the X3, we both agreed the trip to Kiddy was worth it in the end.


9 thoughts on “If at 1st you don’t succeed …….

  1. Those are wonderful. You could have added one grot picture of Kiddy though for those of us who have never been!!

    Don’t know which pic I love most – they are all great. The samples bound for Brisbane, the milk churns, the railway museum with that lovely lantern that coincidentally has your name on, (;)), all the steam engines or those gorgeous wooden compartments – used to love those, got some brilliant ones trans pennine to and fro between home and university, they even had the type of wood on a little plaque in the compartment. Bah! Grumpy old Kate doesn’t like new fangled rubbish 😦

    • Oh, and I’m so impressed with the running pensioners!! You would think they buses would be timed better for connections, either that or wait in case anything is late. Well, I would think that. Don’t have that sort of problem here. I think it is a UK thing, were bus time table setters actually don’t consider passengers…

      • If the buses from home were on time there’d have been no problem, but they run on such a tight schedule, they don’t account for someone buying a weekly pass (2-3 minute delay) or a mother struggling with a pushchair, or waiting for a frail person to find a seat. As you say the timetable setters don’t consider passengers, I’m sure they just work out the driving time from A to B and add 5 minutes.

    • Thank you.
      I wasn’t tempted to get my camera out in the town at all. There was a clock tower, that was surrounded by builders metal fencing, that may have been ok to photograph, but we were losing the will to live by this time 😦

  2. your military precision in your travel planning operation was too funny! thanks for the smile – and for sharing this adventure. the rail museum looks like a great place to visit.

  3. I love hate it when that happens, plan something turns out as a disappointment but then it turns into something fun. Love the pics particularly the cart, the parcel seems a bit big for a spaghetti spoon though, you obviously managed to do some shopping at some time! How did you get it all back on the bus? :0

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