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Down to Upton

Continuing our brief visit to Upton on Severn, here are a few more pics.

After an extremely comfortable first night in the motorhome, we awoke to what promised to be a beautiful day ………. until we heard the weather forecast …….. PM, rain, turning to sleet or snow on the high ground 😮

Not wanting to use the motorhome, as we were only about 20 minutes walk from the town, I got myself togged up for the promised downpour, T on the other hand had decided we’d be back before the heavens opened. Off we set 🙂

First T wanted to pick up an adjustable spanner for the gas bottle, so we made our way to the local Countrywide store, dogs on leads are welcome, the sign said, so we ALL went in. Jasper and Sals eyes widened at the sights & smells emitting from the section specially for dogs, where we’d suddenly been pulled to.

Leaving the store, we wandered across the road, to have a look at the River Severn.

Making our way to the road bridge, we crossed over the river, stopping to take in the view of the Malverns in the distance.

Upton is part of the 40 mile circular Elgar Route, which meanders through the rolling Worcestershire countryside.

Still no sign of the promised rain, we found a suitable location to sit and watch the world go by.

The old road bridge used to cross the river just by the steps in the brickwork on the above photo, this was washed away in the 1852 flood. Upton has suffered severe floods in the past, the last time was in 2007. Flood defences are presently been built, which can be seen in the pic of Jasp & Sal in slideshow below.

Sitting watching the men at work, we felt the first few drops of rain, the sky was still fairly bright, so we continued on our way, to have a look at Upton Marina (see in slideshow). Bad idea that was as the rain was getting quite heavy by the time we got there. Turning tail, we walked back towards the town, finding an arch to shelter under as the rain became quite heavy.

As the rain eased slightly, we made a dash back to the road bridge…….. 2nd bad idea ……… the heavens opened just as we were on the bridge, being open to the elements and the wind blowing directly from the now not visible Malverns, the driving rain bit into my face as Jasp decided he wasn’t budging, T by this time was running over the bridge with Sal in tow.

When I eventually caught up with a now soaked T (in his non waterproof coat) & Sal (who looked liked she’d swum across the river) they were sheltering under a tree. Jasper, who loathes getting wet, looked even wetter than Sal, and Me? my trousers were soaked from the rain running off my lovely waterproof coat.

Soggily we walked back into the town, where we called into the local store for more provisions for that evening.

Dinner that evening was pasta, and more much needed red wine.

The evening turned out quite nice in the end, with a beautiful sunset over the Malverns, but it didn’t last, I was woken several times during the night, with rain hammering on the roof.

By lunchtime today, with the rain still hammering down, we decided to call it a day and set off for home.

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8 thoughts on “Down to Upton

  1. Ha ha!!! That’s so funny!!

    I like how you’ve abbreviated dad to T!! And I love the story, I can so see you pair as you have described!! Lol

  2. Those cloudy pictures are so atmospheric though. Tortellini looks nice on your plate 🙂

    I like the sound of rain too – right now it’s on my window! The only time I don’t like the sound of it is in the tent when it goes on all night 😦

    • Hola Pippa,
      Jasp’s not allowed on the keyboard as his paws are too big.
      Harry used to have Wagg food and he liked it too, so might try J & LS with it too.

  3. thanks for sharing this beautiful scenery.
    that downpour sounds quite amazing.
    and thanks for sharing dinner. quite honestly, i prefer pasta to beans.
    what a lovely meal. 🙂

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