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Up to Upton

We decided to take the Motor Home on a little sojourn up to Upton-on-Severn, though technically it should be down as it is south west from home.
Our first true outing, we loaded everything for our 3 day holiday into the van, including two very puzzled dogs, that quizzically watched us loading their beds, food, towels(good job we put those in) leads and food tub.
After spending a blissful day at Bidford-on-Avon last week in glorious sunshine, it would have been nice to have experienced something similar, but fat chance of that though with the UK having a bank holiday approaching.
We arrived on the site, an extremely quiet field on a working farm, complete with electric hook up. After settling the van onto a nice level pitch with views towards the Malverns, we set off with the dogs to walk into the town.

The Pepperpot Tower, dating back to before the English Civil War of the mid 1600’s. Battle damage from these times can be still seen on the tower. Upton has a lot of history from around this era.

After a wander around, we called into a local store to pick up a few provisions ready for our evening meal of …………. Wait for it ………….. beans on toast and red wine.


14 thoughts on “Up to Upton

  1. I’m so disappointed. I raced over here to look for a converging vehicle and couldn’t find a single one unless you beat me to it. Or was that a collaborating vertical? Or a collusive v… (running out of similar v words now!!)

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